What I Read 51

This week I've decided to do a special Dad's version of What I Read, gotta give those dads the extra love today!

An amusing but touching post from Jeremy over at Thirsty Daddy entertained me a while back. Fancy a ghostly story then check out I see little people, in which Jeremy writes about a particularly scary night. The ending is brilliant and will definitely entertain you!

For some unknown reason I'd not visited Dave's blog, the DADventurer, until recently but knew it would make my 'must read' list. The post I read was Ensuring Your Toddler Has An Active Lifestyle and Dave talks about keeping his little one active. It's always great to see dads trying to set a good example.

I love most of Tim's posts but The loneliness of being away in particular struck a chord with me. As the wife of a man who has spent a lot of his working life travelling to the USA and Japan I could totally relate to this. I've often listened to the Hubby's complaints about leaving us again to go on a trip and how it's not all glamorous like people imagine. The Hubby was always happy to be home, just like Tim is at the end of his post.

John's post, Father Christmas: the subject of playground gossip, had me nodding and laughing along. Mostly because I've had to have a discussion about Santa with BP and we're still keeping the magic alive for LP. It's a difficult balance sometimes and I'm sure the LP will soon realise what's really going on but while we can we're keeping Santa alive in our house. For John this discussion with his little one was a relief, but at the same time he was saddened. Have you had the talk about Santa with your kids yet? Stop by and let John know how you coped with it.

A post by Al over at The Dad Network had me laughing; I'm Turning Into My Dad! PLUS The Official Top Ten Dadisms! I giggled along while reading this post because I'm just the same with my mum. I say things my mum said when I was a teen, I find myself echoing her words ALL THE TIME! A great way to celebrate dads... turning into them!

Being a huge fan of Netflix it's always lovely to read when someone else has found that they love it too. Add to that the fact that I've found another Dad blog I enjoy reading and I was one happy lady! Tom, who writes at Diary of the Dad, has just joined the Netflix Stream Team and they've been trying out the various TV series. I'll be interested to hear more about the things Tom enjoys watching as he explores the app more.

Help me celebrate these great Dad Bloggers by stopping by and reading their posts!

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  1. aaa yay, dads should definitely be celebrated!! Thanks for sharing with #ReadWithMe

  2. Thanks ever so much for including me on the list Morgan. Great to know when a post provokes a reaction!

    1. You're welcome John, glad to include you. xx