Tracky Train OUT NOW!

This is it people! Tracky Train is OUT NOW!!

About the game

Lay track to stay ahead of the speeding Train. Keep moving or the Train will catch up and CRASH into you! Stay ahead by making sure the Train picks up the waiting passengers and stops at the stations to drop them off. 

By swiping across the screen you control the handcar and lay tracks for the train that is following you. As the train goes past passengers it stops to pick them up (unless it's full) and each time you drop off passengers at a station you earn coins. You use your coins to upgrade your train and unlock new ones.

There are over 100 different passengers to collect, and 12 different engine and carriage types, and you can enjoy scenery as the train passes through 5 colourful environments.

Tracky Train starts out slow but becomes a fast paced game as you try to stay away from the chasing train. I've often found myself frantically swiping the screen and shrieking as I try to lay the track quicker.

This game is perfect for kids, they have such quick reactions they'll be able to collect passengers, drop them off, and stay ahead of the train. The characters will keep them entertained as they try to collect each new one on their journey through the 5 environments.

Tracky Train is the Hubby's brand new mobile game, him and his team have been working on this game for the last year or so and it's available for download today. 

For me it's always great to see one of the Hubby's game go live on the App Store. It proves that all his (and his team's) hard work can pay off and people around the world can play the game he made. Once the game is finished it gives the Hubby a welcome break too, and that's always good!

The boys enjoy it too, they're able to tell their friends that their dad made a game on the App Store and they can ask their dad about how many people are playing his game. LP in particular enjoys asking about numbers. 

Oh yes, and Tracky Train will prove a life-saver through the Summer holidays when you just need a few minutes to yourself!

You can download Tracky Train on the iOS App Store, Google Play, or Amazon Appstore for FREE right now.

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