Nurture your kids' immunity with new-look Nurture Drinks

With the focus on sugar in drinks at the moment I'm on the lookout for healthy drinks for my boys. Getting them to drink water is the best way to nurture their immunity but them actually drinking water is another matter.

I have started adding Robinsons Squash'd to their water to get them to drink it, and it's proving popular. 

But another way you could get your kids drinking more healthy drinks is to try out the new-look Nurture.

Nurture is basically water blended with fruit juice and it has "no added nonsense". The drinks are enriched with vitamins and minerals to boost your child's immunity.


Back in October 2015 I was asked to try out Nurture drinks, my boys weren't sure about them to begin with, they didn't like the idea of drinking water. Once they'd tried them they changed their mind. The old pouch the drinks came in were sturdy with a handy no-spill spout and the pictures on the pouch were appealing to kids. 

Nurture have since had a rebrand and the new-look Nurture drinks are even more appealing. They've also updated their website where you can now learn about their drinks and follow the cute little baby elephant named Firsty.

As soon as my boys saw the drinks they wanted them.


The packaging has improved massively, with a Mum and baby elephant (Firsty) pictured on the pouch. The no-spill spout has improved too, it's now much easier to open - you simply twist, and the pouch itself is just as sturdy. 

Both BP and LP love these drinks and are happy to gulp them down in no time but there are some things I like about Nurture drinks.

1. They're a great drink for in the car.

I never feel particularly good about letting my boys drink Diet Coke, from a can, in the car. I'm terrified they'll spill and I'll end up having to clean sticky leather. Any pouch or bottle that is no-spill appeals to me and that's why I love the new Nurture spout. My boys can take the pouches in the car and I don't have to worry about spillages, it's great.


2. They're a great outdoors drink.

Because the pouches are so sturdy, and with a no-spill spout, the drinks are brilliant for outdoors. Whether you're packing a picnic or heading to the sidelines to watch your kids play football, taking these handy pouches with you will be no trouble. The screw top on the spout is reusable which means the kids can drink some, place the lid back on the pouch, and save some for later.


3. It's water and fruit juice.

With health in mind and trying to cut down the sugar content of my boys' drinks Nurture fits the bill. Water blended with real fruit juice, what's not to like? My boys will now drink more water without filling up on sugar too.


If you're thinking of trying out some new drinks for your kids I'd recommend Nurture - they're great for kids aged 1 year +. You can buy Nurture from Ocado, in packs of four, for £2.99 or single pouches for 99p.

I was sent 2 packs of the Nurture drinks for the purpose of review. All opinions are my own.