I'm going to BML16!

Britmums Live, otherwise known as #BML16, is in less than 1 month and I have a mix of emotions, I'm both excited and nervous. 

My first blogging conference was Mumsnet Blogfest in November 2015, I went there not knowing what to expect and I was terrified. Arriving at Nottingham train station and bumping into someone I'd met at a previous blogging event helped ease me into it nicely. We walked into the conference centre together and that made the whole thing a lot easier. 

This year, for Britmums Live, I'm hoping things will be easier too. I met loads of lovely bloggers at Blogfest and I'll be happy to see them again but I'm also excited to meet new bloggers. I'm looking forward to learning lots but I think Britmums Live is more about the social side of things (or so I've heard).

As I'm going to #BML16 I'm taking part in the linky so that you lovely bloggers know who I am, so here goes...

My name: 


My blog: 

Morgan's Milieu

Find me on social media at:

How I look:

That's me looking rather rough. I'm hoping I'll brush up a little better for #BML16, but my hair will probably be just as messy (it's just how I like it).

Is this my first blogging event?

No. As I said I went to Mumsnet Blogfest '15 and I've been to a couple of blogging events in Nottingham. It doesn't stop it feeling like my first time though, this is my first Britmums Live.

I will be wearing... 

A t-shirt and jeans combo I expect, and flat shoes. There's no way I'm heading to London in heels, my feet couldn't take it. 

What I hope to gain from #BML16:

Friends. Knowledge. Contacts. There's lots of things that spring to mind but it's mostly about seeing the people I chat with all the time online. 

My tips for a great conference:

I have no idea. I'd say be yourself, even if that means keeping quiet and standing at the sidelines taking everything in. It can be overwhelming and I think it's okay to take a step back throughout the day to give yourself breathing space.

Well, that's me. See you at #BML16!