What I Read April Roundup

I can't believe I'm writing the What I Read April Roundup already, these months are flying by! We celebrated LP's 7th birthday this month and before I know it BP will be turning 12, 12!! That means he's only 1 year away from being a teenager. Do you think it's too late to turn back the clock?


I read some fantastic posts during April, some made me laugh, some made me cry and some inspired. In What I Read 44 I enjoyed a great poem by Leigh entitled Confusion, @Squirmypopple shared a post about what it means to be a mother, and I was envious when I read Lake Como's gorgeous Villa Balbianello over on Seize the Day Project. 


I nodded along with Donna as she described her blogging pet hates in Room 101: Blogging. Reading Kelly's post about No-follow links and disclosure was both informative and useful. And finally I LOVED @MumReinvented's post, You know you were a teen in the nineties when... I laughed, I nodded along, and I connected with some women who also knew what it was like. I've never felt more at home with my peeps!

Two bloggers who I think are amazing are Louise over at Little Hearts, Big Love, and by blogging best-bud Catie from Diary of an Imperfect Mum. Both ladies blog about their children and I think they're strong, brave women. In What I Read 45 Louise was featured with her post I'm a heart mummy but I'm not superhuman, she talked about how other mums see her as a supermum but that really, she's just a mum coping as best as she can. I was so pleased to include Catie's post Autism is... all about her Big Lad and a presentation he did at school. Catie's posts on autism have taught me a lot about the condition and I hope I'm now more understanding of the issues. 

Laura had me in tears again (a usual occurrence when reading her posts) with her post Do You Believe? I don't, but the way Laura tells her story really spoke to me. 

Becoming a parent for the first time is always going to be a daunting experience but does being an aunt or uncle help? That's the question @YoutheDaddy asked: Will my experience as an uncle make me a good dad?  

Another two bloggers I always connect with are Jess, of Babi a Fi, and Tim from Slouching Towards Thatcham. Jess is my blogging guru, I've learnt lots from her tips posts and she was back again with Basic HTML for Bloggers. You'd think after four years of blogging I'd already know basic HTML and I do for the most part but Jess still managed to find some great tips and I keep coming back to this post! As for Tim, well, what can I say. If you  read my What I Read series you'll know he's a regular feature. From parenting posts to tech-y posts Tim always manages to teach and connect with people at the same time. When Instagram announced they were changing their algorithm everyone (bloggers) were worried about what it would mean for them but Tim was on hand to help. Check out his post Instagram's new algorithm: What it is and what should I do about it? He put my worries to rest, perhaps he'll help you too.

I stepped into a world of toddler-dom/baby-dom for some of What I Read 46 with Katie of Mummy in a Tutu, The Butterfly Mum, and Yvonne of Double the Monkey Business. Yvonne is currently coping with acrobat babies and I really enjoyed reading E = Exit Strategy, in which she talks about babies and their attempts to escape their cots. 

The Butterfly Mum bravely admitted that she's not a player, she can't pretend to be a dinosaur or a bad guy and I related to that. I was never one for pretend play. The Butterfly Mum asks Are You a Player? Well are you? 

Finally Katie is preparing herself for the time when her little one goes off to nursery. But rather than panicking and wondering what on earth she'll do with all that spare time Katie has come up with Mummy & Alyssa's Pre-school bucket list; a massive list of things they want to do before Alyssa goes to pre-school. A fantastic idea I reckon.

Out of the parenting world but still in What I Read 46 was Lindsay's post 10 things organized people do regularly. This post was helpful for me because I'd love to be more organised, I'm great at making lists but sticking to those lists is more difficult. Lindsay has some other great tips for you if, like me, you're not very organised.

Talya from Motherhood The Real Deal asks a common question; Should bloggers work for free? As a blogger I've been asked to write for free A LOT of times. There's the age (blogging-age that is...) old saying "know your worth", but how many of us actually do? I have worked for free, but it's always my choice. So, do you think bloggers should work for free? Stop over to Talya's post and let her know your opinion.

A post that made me very happy came from Mrs Teepot in the form of Jumping for Joy. Mrs Teepot has suffered with mental illness for years but this post was a ray of sunshine and the photo is brilliant. I was so pleased for her, it has been a long time coming.

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  1. Thanks so much for the mention - I love that the post is proving useful! :D (And I'm so with you on this year flying by. I found my 'annual plan' I wrote in December last week and looking down it every point was just nope, no, haven't done that yet... lol) x

    1. You're welcome hun. Thanks for writing such a helpful post!

  2. Wow, how is it already a month since I read your last round-up? Lots of good recommendations here - most of which I haven't read before. Thanks!
    (My second son is 12 already, so he will be a teenager later this year. Eek!)

    1. Haha, told you - time flies!!
      Hope you enjoy reading those you haven't read Sarah.
      (Eek indeed!!) ;)

  3. I love your round ups, always such thoughtful, inspiring posts included. Thanks for sharing with #ReadWithMe

  4. Great round-up. Off to dip into some of the choices #readwithme