What I Read 49

I can't believe I've done nearly 50 of these, I do love sharing the posts I've read and am so pleased that some of the posts I share get to people who haven't seen them yet.

I'm starting this week with a great post full of information written in an entertaining way. Brain power is something we'd all like to increase I'm sure (unless you're a genius!) but we often struggle to know how. I love the post 107 ways to Increase Brain Power, it has plenty of amusing photos.


My boys are gamers, it was pretty much a given they were going to be because of what their dad does for a job. They love their games, from kids shooters to racing games and building games, they're never happier than when they're sat in front of the TV engrossed in the latest game. Catie's boys are gamers too and I enjoyed reading her post Gamer Zone: Top Ten Favourite Games. In it she shares both her sons' favourite games, it's a post my boys enjoyed reading too. It's lovely for them to see they're not the only ones that like gaming!


Siblings have a special bond from the moment they are born, they instinctively know they are siblings and love one another. As they grow the older one takes care of the younger one, makes allowances for them and watches out for them. But when the younger one starts to grow up what happens? I loved Laura's post Besties Forever, in which her daughters have been going through just these changes lately. As usual this post brought tears to my eyes, it's a lovely post - especially if you have siblings.


There has been a big uproar about the Transgender laws in the US lately. Having a cousin who is transgender it makes me angry that this even happens these days. That's just why I loved Jeremy's post True Bathroom Fears in which he discusses his worries about his daughter, and it's got nothing to do with transgender people. Please do pop over and read.

Having a child who loves reading is no bad thing, or at least that's what Debbie thought. That is until her daughter decided she wanted to read George Orwell's Animal Farm. It's not the fact that she wanted to read it, but why, that scares Debbie - be sure to check out We've Created a Monster!. I have to say I loved this post, and I think Debbie's daughter is brilliant. Do pop over to and read the post and let Debbie know what you think.

Finally I'm sharing a post from Karen; I got my P45. I can't help myself when I read a post about how wonderful being a stay-at-home mum is I have to share it. I think it's brilliant that Karen is now looking forward to being a stay-at-home mum and I'm sure she will have a lovely time watching Robot grow, and being there for him whenever he needs her.


  1. Thank you for including me! It's been almost a month since I wrote that post and we've been camping 3 times! I don't think we'd be that flexible if I was working! Such a great decision. I love your other features too. 😀🍰🤖

    1. You're welcome hun, so glad you're happy! :)

  2. My big lad was over the moon when I told him you had picked his gamer post. Thanks so much Morgan! 🌸

    1. So happy to have made him smile! Thanks Catie. xx

  3. thanks Morgan. Great company here

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