What I Read 46

Welcome back to another week of What I Read, I've read loads of great posts lately and today I've got another six for you.
Being organised is one of those things you're either brilliant at without trying, or you have to put extra effort into being organised. I'm very much the latter. I'm terrible at being organised but if I have lists to follow I do great. I need a list that helps me get organised! Lindsey is very organised and it seems to come naturally to her, in her post 10 things organised people do regularly she organises a list to help you out. If you're anything like me you'll be checking it out right now!

Katie, mummy in a tutu

When your little ones first start nursery time begins to fly by, suddenly they grow up and become independent. Your once clingy little toddler becomes a sociable, friendly little person. And you start to wish you could turn back time and enjoy the time before they started nursery. Katie has it sussed though, she's got an epic list sorted so that she can enjoy the time with her little one before she starts nursery. Check out Mummy & Alyssa's Pre-School Bucket List.

Talya, who writes at Motherhood Real Deal

Blogging is an awesome thing, writing and expressing opinions so that other people can read makes you feel great. When you start getting contacted by PR companies it makes you feel fantastic, but then they ask you to do something for free. They ask you to do them "a favour". Do you think you should work for free? I read an interesting post on the subject over on Talya's blog, Should bloggers be expected to write for free? Why not pop over and tell Talya what you think. 

When you become a parent it is assumed that you will know how to play with your child. You should know how to assume a character's persona, or play the part of a dinosaur. Some of us find it easier than others, and some of us simply can't do it. I'm one of those people, I can't 'be' a dinosaur, I don't know why. I loved Laura's post in which she admits to this, the great thing about her post is that she is looking for other ways to spend time with her son. Stop by and read Are You A Player?

I remember when LP was a baby/toddler and he was ready for his transition to a bed rather than a cot. We managed to make the transition before we had any acrobatics but over at Double The Monkey Business there has been some! Watching their little ones on the nanny-cam they've noticed some strange goings on in the kids bedroom. Be sure to read Exit Strategy.

Mrs Teepot

Mental health takes such a toll on a person's mind that it can be difficult to come out the other side, if you even do. It takes a lot of effort and battling depression or something similar can leave you exhausted. When someone is able to have those good times it means so much more. After a long time Mrs TeePot is finally able to experience true joy and happiness. I absolutely loved her post Jumping for Joy and feel truly happy for her.


  1. Thank you so much for featuring me! It has indeed been a long road but I'm definitely getting better :)

    1. I was so pleased when I read your post Olivia, I was grinning from ear to ear! I knew straight away that I'd be featuring you. xxx