The Difference 1lb Can Make

Okay so 1lb is really not much weight loss, but it's a start. 

I've been feeling rather down about the whole weight loss thing which of course meant over-eating. It's that vicious circle again. But...

This week I've lost some weight!! I couldn't be happier.

Like I said, it's a start and I'm feeling more positive about the whole thing. Over-eating and munching on lots of chocolate was stopping me from losing weight (shocking huh?) but this past week or so I've been trying to cut down. 

Eating healthier meals must be making a difference and I'm trying to cut down the amount of food I'm eating too. I know it's a slow process and losing 1lb doesn't mean I'll be 10st again by the end of the month (I wish!!) but it does mean I'm making progress. That's something.

The great thing about being in charge of cooking the food for all of us is that I'm in charge of who gets what, and with BP being a growing boy I can give him extra. It works out really well for me because BP is always hungry but much prefers the sweeter stuff. If I can give him my share of proper food perhaps he'll be less likely to stuff himself with chocolate and sweets.

mmm coffee and cookies... unfortunately no cookies for me - boo!

I'm putting some of the weight loss down to me getting back to a good morning routine. I used to get most of my housework done in a morning but when LP got chicken pox I let it slide and it's taken me until this week to get back to it. It's just so easy to sit on my bottom watching the news in a morning. But I've put effort in (yay!) and have got back to my morning chore routine. As a result the kitchen is looking a lot better again and I'm feeling brighter. I'm also burning more calories. Win!

This new routine is taking it out of me though, I'm definitely more tired in an evening, but I won't let it beat me this time. As long as I keep it up maybe the weight will keep dropping off - at least until I need to put in more effort. 

I still haven't passed the 13st mark (in the right direction) but I'm closing in. Hopefully this time next week I'll have passed it. 

How is your weight loss journey going?

Fitness 4 Mamas