4 Things Smart 20 and 30-somethings Do


We all have that friend who seems to have their life together!


While nobody has a perfectly charmed life (trust me on that one!), there are some people who figure some stuff out pretty early on. That stuff being things that keep them happy, healthy, safe and secure.

Get in on their secrets. 

Here are four things that smart 20 and 30-somethings do.

Invest in life insurance

It’s not the most glamorous investment, sure. Yes, we’d rather be investing in that drop-dead-gorgeous pair of Louboutins too! But smart grown-up women know just how beneficial life insurance can be. Today it will put your mind at rest. Tomorrow, however, it could make all the difference to your family and loved ones. Once you’ve taken the plunge, chat to your girlfriends about it. That way, you’re helping them to help themselves should the worst happen. Use comparison sites like Gocompare to find the best deal. Be sure you’re honest with the facts you give them. Alternatively you could use an FCA registered broker, such as Reassured, who will compare quotes for you but don’t charge a fee.

Let go of the past

Still go red thinking about that time you dropped a lunch tray in year 9? Still feel sick when you think of that ex-boyfriend who turned out to be a total idiot? Still irritated with yourself for not taking that seemingly brilliant job offer? Then it’s time to start letting go of the past. Smart young women know that there is no way to change the past. The only worthwhile thing you can do is let yourself be more informed and prepared for the future. 

Treat themselves

We all know that it is important to work hard. Many of us understand that in order to get to where we want to in life, we’ll have to juggle many different balls. We may even have to wear many different hats! But smart 20 and 30-somethings also know just how important it is to treat yourself. This might be picking up a lovely new dress on a pay-day. It might be cancelling a whole Sunday’s worth of plans to stay in bed with a book and a pizza. Or it might just be having a half an hour snooze one morning instead of hitting the gym. You work hard, and you deserve to be treated. The chances are, nobody else is going to provide you with those treats. Stop being so hard on yourself and try some self-love instead. 


It might be the case that your younger self could survive on four hours sleep per night! However, as we grow, we should all learn how important it is to sleep! You might stay awake to get a big project done, for example. However, doing so will only make you slower and more sluggish the next day! 

Sleep is the one time our bodies have to recharge their batteries. Our brains, our skin, our organs and our digestive systems all have time to go about their business in peace. If we don’t let them do this soundly, it will spell trouble. Be aiming for seven to eight hours per night wherever possible. If you have less one night, just try and make up for it the next night. Use pillow spray, ear plugs or an eyemask if you think it will help.