What I Read March Roundup

Throughout March I read some really great blog posts and shared them in my What I Read series. Here's a roundup of all the posts I shared.

In What I Read 41 Zaz sent herself some love and urged you to send yourself some too. Tori, aka The Mama Nurse, discussed trolling mums on Facebook. Lizzie started her weight loss journey with the help of Nutribuddy. Danielle discussed the small things that make a huge difference to her and her little one. Emma shared her thoughts on success and how she's adjusting her focus, for now. And finally Clare talks about how hurtful simple questions can be, such as "When's the next one then?". Perhaps think, before asking such an 'innocent' question?

What I Read 42 brought some more great posts in the form of Cathryn's post on how people look down on parent bloggers. Why is that? Sarah discussed the things that get left behind in the lost property store of parenthood. Talya cheered us up with her post on future trends of parenting, suggesting that we'll all be able to rely on robots in the future! This Mum's Life wrote about her social media speed dating and let us know who she really liked and who didn't float her boat. Fran was suffering amidst two poorly children, having had to cope with chicken pox recently I feel for her. Hosted on Vicki's (Honest Mum) blog Emily wrote a post about her brush with breast cancer, a MUST read ladies!!

In What I Read 43 Mim's brush with breast cancer had left her feeling like an imposter. Catie talked about autistic children's need to make friends too. Tim discussed friendships both on- and offline. Sharon took her little one on a photo shoot and had a truly fabulous time. Laura wrote a really beautiful post on her daughter's fourth birthday. Finally EducatingR wrote a letter to her dad, who is no longer with us, and spoke about her memories.

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