What I Read 44

I've certainly been doing lots of reading over the past few days, catching up on Post Comment Love and other linkies reading.

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It really is lovely finding blog posts to share with you and today is no different. I've got some great picks.

Squirmy popple

Katie, aka @squirmypopple, wrote a list about what being a mum means to her. In it she mentions things that made me laugh, made me nod along, and made me smile because I don't have to do those things anymore! 

Donna, what the redhead said, and her family

There are certain things that as bloggers can annoy us a little and that's why I loved Donna's post, Room 101: Blogging. In the post Donna lists all the things that annoy her in the world of blogging, including things like Captcha and background music. I have to say I agree with her!

Leigh Kendall

A fantastic poem written by Leigh caught my eye and I knew it would make it into What I Read. I loved it and I have no doubt that you will love it too. Here's Confusion.

I have always wanted to visit Italy, I went to Venice about 10 years ago and loved it. A post I read over on Seize the Day Project made me want to visit Italy even more. With beautiful photography and an amazing description the post, Lake Como's Gorgeous Villa Balbianello has made it somewhere I definitely want to go. The fact that some of Casino Royale was filmed there just adds to me wanting to visit!

Mum reinvented blog

A post that sparked conversation on both Twitter and Facebook was Mum Reinvented's post You know you were a teen in the 90s when... This post transported me back to the 90s and I loved the chat on Twitter and Facebook after I'd read it. Most of my real life friends are older than me and grew up before the 90s so it was lovely chatting to people who remembered these things too!

A grey envelope with a green heart

With Google's latest blog post clarifying their position on do-follow and no-follow links I'm sure that you, like me, are completely terrified of being penalised. Not just that but you're probably a little confused too. The constant discussion of no-follow links and disclosures can leave you feeling like your head wants to explode. Kelly's post Nofollows and disclosure is a useful read and can help clarity the situation. 

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  1. Thanks so much for featuring me. It's funny how an old post of mine sparked such a great conversation on twitter and facebook that night. Most fun I think I've had on twitter in a very long time x

    1. Oh me too! It was really great reminiscing with you. 😀

  2. That sounds like a good selection of reads. I haven't read any of them before, so I'm going to take a look, thanks!

    1. I hope you enjoy Sarah, I always save my favourites for #WhatIRead.

  3. I love reading Donna's post too. A great selection as always. Thanks for sharing with #ReadWIthMe

  4. A lovely selection of blog posts. xx

  5. off to loook at some of these webpages now #readwithme