What I Read 42

It's Sunday, and you all know what that means right? Yep, it's time for some sharing. I've read some great posts lately and am sure you'll love them too so let's get on with What I Read.

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Cardiff Mummy Says
As a blogger you may come across some strange attitudes, parenting bloggers are often looked down on. I have no reason for this other than jealousy, I mean we get to do what we love and still stay at home to take care of our children. On this subject though I loved reading Cardiff Mummy's post Why do people look down on parent bloggers? In the post she gets views from other bloggers too and it's a great read.

Mum Muddling Through

When you become a parent there are so many things that can make you feel like you're losing yourself. Parts of you disappear, some are simply "stolen", and others well who knows what happens! I loved MMT's post The lost property store of parenthood because half the time you do end up feeling like those parts of you are 'lost' and thinking that you might actually find them again is a nice thought.

Talya - The Motherhood Real Deal

Have you ever how parenting will change in the next 20-50 years? Well Talya has and she wrote a brilliant post entitled Future Parenting Trends: Being a parent in the year 2050. In this post she theorises that all the things that drive us mad at the moment will be a thing of the past because... well I'll let you read the post. It's an entertaining read.

This Mums Life

As bloggers we have to go through every social media website and make sure we're sharing and promoting ourselves while not annoying people. It's a tough balancing act and with all the different rules and guidelines for each one it can also be confusing. A unique way of looking at this was @thismumslife's post Social Media Speed Dating, I suggest you go and read - I guarantee you'll love it!

@WhingeWine is suffering.

Being a parent is tough enough but when your children get ill you can enter a whole new level of tough. Up during the night, coughs, sneezing, and snot, it's all part and parcel of being 'mum'. You take care of them no matter what. Things become a lot harder when you have two little ones who are ill, and you begin to wonder how long you can cope. A great post I read was Snot Fun (it really isn't), in which @WhingeWhine is coping with two ill children. It does get better ladies, I promise.

Emily - International Elf Service
Photo credit: Britishette

When it's Breast Cancer Awareness Week I'm sure we all remember to check ourselves but how often do you remember when you're not constantly told to? I have to admit to forgetting about it, it's just not something I ever think about. When I read Emily's guest post, A Brush With Breast Cancer, over on honestmum.com it reminded me that I should check. It doesn't matter if I'm not 'at risk' I should still check, the earlier it can be caught, the better. Please head over there and read.


  1. Thanks for sharing Morgan, I will have to check these blogs out :)

    1. You're welcome Claire, hope you enjoy reading the other blogs. x

  2. Amazing post from Emily that has helped many women, thank you for including in this fab round-up x

    1. I totally agree Vicki, it's definitely something we all need to remember. xx