What I Read January Roundup

January has been a huge month both blogging and reading wise, my list is growing again and my blogging is going from strength to strength. 

In What I Read 34 there was a couple of great blogging posts; So you want to be a blogger... by Mrs Tubbs and I am loving: blogging and being totally free by Katy. Being a parenting blogger a lot of the posts I read are about parenting and being a mum, I loved 15 signs you are actually a granny mum by Talya, The Tween Years by Mrs C, F*** the guilt ladies by Kate, and A letter from dad by Tim.

I was entertained by a brilliant parody in Everybody's Free (to wear breast pads) by Madeline. When I read The things people say about twins by Mum of 3 I wondered if I'd ever offended a mum of twins - I hope not. A letter to my littlest princess by Bethan was a touching read. I loved Maria's take on the choices we make in The Choice We Always Have As Parents. Ali made someone happy in When You Can't Put A Price On Happiness and it made me smile. Louisa is about to start decorating and she shared her plans for a major bedroom renovation.

Being a mum you can sometimes struggle with making yourself happy but Kate has some top tips for you in 10 ways to be a happy mum. On a similar subject Mrs Tubbs shared 8 ways to make yourself feel happier. I laughed when I read Thank you for having a lovely time: The Ten funniest things the toddler said last week by Silly Mummy. I loved a heartfelt post on Touchline Dad's blog by Mother in the Middle entitled Ten - a must read. If you're struggling to get yourself motivated for exercise in the awful January weather then read Fitness Friday: Brathray Half Marathon Training Week 2 #ThisGirlCan by Becky, she'll have you motivated in no time! I really loved Know Your Worth Bloggers... Pfft by Michelle, it was a great post that said everything I've been thinking for a while.

I totally related to Chantelle's post Saying Goodbye to the Baby Days as her daughter turns 8. If you've ever been afraid of turning into your mum then Crummy Mummy has a great post for you to check - 10 signs you're turning into your mother. Another entertaining read was If Kids Gave Gratitude by firstooth. Struggling with a toddler at the moment? Clueless Mum has some top tips for surviving toddlerhood. Get to know Jess as she answers 73 questions and read a fantastic post from thirsty daddy about real strength.

These are just a few of the brilliant posts I read in January, please head over to any you haven't read and I promise you'll be entertained.