What I Read 39

With half term being this week I haven't done as much reading as I'd like, saying that though I have enjoyed not having to do the school runs every day!

The sun is finally making an appearance, half term is here, and that means it's time to start thinking about summer holidays. Debbie wrote a brilliant post that will make you want to go on holiday. 5 Reasons Why You Should Holiday in Zakynthos has lots of gorgeous photos and Debbie describes the island so well that you will want to visit.

When I first got my Apple Watch I altered my activities to hit my goals every day. Parking further away from the school so I'd have to walk, taking the stairs instead of the escalators/lift, parking at the bottom of the car park so I'd have to walk to the supermarket. Tim is making similar changes to his lifestyle since he got his Fitbit and in Me and My Fitbit: Simple Steps to a Better Lifestyle he talks about the changes and what impact they've had.

A brave post was written by Zaz, heartfelt and powerful this post spoke to me. In Listening to My Heart Zaz talks about her battle with an eating disorder and the body dysmorphia that comes with it. Weight is a constant issue for me but reading Zaz's post I realise it's not quite as bad as some. I loved this post, Zaz speaks about control, wanting to avoid issues and then accepting who you are, accepting that you can't control everything. This is a MUST read.

Silly Mummy is a blogger who writes at risforhoppit.uk and I've come to look forward to her posts. Her weekly 'Funny Things the Toddler Said Last Week' are brilliantly funny and describe toddlerhood in an amusing way. This week though I wanted to share her post Toddler Laws of Physics in which Silly Mummy lists the Laws of Physics as applied to toddlers. A great read.

The story a while back about mums doing the school run in their pjs sparked a lot of discussion and many blog posts. I enjoyed reading Cheryl's post Mums in Pyjamas, she talked about her view on the topic and how she disagreed with the abuse the head teacher got. I agree with her, pjs are for bedtimes, joggers and jumper are just as comfy as pjs and they're 'day clothes'. Head over and have a read.

Watching our children grow is both amazing and agonising, seeing them turn into wonderful children is a blessing but then you have to watch them become more independent. Parenting is one of those jobs that leaves you feeling exhausted. It is so tough to let them go, to let them become their own person. A lovely post that reflected this journey was @imatwinmama's Why Can't I Let Go? It ends on a positive note and is a great read.



  1. Some more great picks! You make it easier for me to find new blog posts to read! #ReadWithMe

  2. Hi Morgan, thanks for the mention. I agree whole heartedly with Cheryls post about wearing PJ's outside the house and I've just read Tim's post about owning a FitBit s I've heard of them, but had no idea what they actually were... Did I mention that I live on an island that's light years behind the rest of the world!


    1. Haha! Glad you enjoyed reading the other posts Debbie, and I was happy to mention you too. :)