What I Read 38

Welcome to #38 of What I Read, I've got some more great posts to share with you. 
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Can you believe we're two weeks into February already? And it's Valentine's Day! We don't really do Valentine's Day, don't see the point to be honest, but I'm sure we'll sit and watch a movie together or something. 

Again I've been reading some brilliant posts, I was lucky enough to find some more to share with you.

Children have a way of tackling problems that just don't occur to us adults sometimes. Where we see problems they see solutions, or at least think they do! With that in mind a poem I really enjoyed reading was Thinking Outside the Box by Carol, it was well-written prose with a lovely story.

A post that warmed my heart and made me smile was Coloured Ice Igloo Community Park by Steph. In her post Steph talks about her idea to build an igloo, not just for her children but for the entire community. She talks about how building the igloo together brought the community together. It was such a lovely read, you absolutely must read it.

Sometimes day-to-day life can get on top of us, the constant complaining and miserable attitude of some brings you down. As a consequence you start to complain too and end up in an awful cycle. It seems though that there's a way to break the cycle and Becky wrote a post on it. In My Day of Positivity Becky talks about the impact that just 24 hours of positivity can have. It was an uplifting read.

Talya has been blogging for a little over a year now and she's learned a lot. In the four years I've been blogging I've learnt a lot too but I still learnt something from reading Talya's post 10 things I've learnt in a year of blogging. Whether you're a newbie or an oldie check it out - you could learn something too! 

Being a mum (or a dad) is a tiring job, but have you ever thought about why it's so tiring? The emotional roller-coaster we go through on an almost daily basis saps our energy and we end up wondering why on earth we're so tired. In The Emotions of Motherhood Laura talks about all the emotions we feel during the day. Even reading this post tired me out, but it was right on the money!

A post that spoke to me on a whole new level was a post written by Mum Muddling Through; New Dress, New Shoes, Knee Problems: The beauty perils of motherhood. I'm not really 'into' beauty, I don't have a skincare routine, my make-up bag has seen better days, and the thought of wearing red lipstick sends shudders down my spine! I totally related to this post and am so pleased I read it. 


  1. Thanks so much for including my post in your round up! I'm truly honored to be listed with these fabulous bloggers here. Happy Valentine's Day! x

    1. You're welcome hun. Happy Valentine's Day to you too. x