The Ups and Downs of Weight Loss

After last week's dip in progress I was feeling a tad deflated about it all. Weight loss can get like that though can't it? Sometimes our weight goes up, sometimes down, but what we need to realise is that that's just part of the journey.

A weight graph, weight up the side and day of the week along the bottom.

It is such a struggle sticking to a 'diet' when you feel like you're not making progress. More so when the weather is horrible (although that might just be me!), for some reason rubbish weather just contributes to wanting to eat fast food.

At the start of last week I weighed 12st 7.9lbs and was getting more and more depressed about the whole thing. Which of course made me want to eat more. For some reason though I felt more determined, I'm not sure if it's because I was nearing 13st or because the weather was a little better but I did make progress.

Throughout the week I behaved myself, ate healthier food, cut down the chocolate and had no alcohol! It made a massive difference and by Thursday I was on 12st 6.2, I've put a little weight back on though. 

BP decided he wanted to bake some rock buns at the weekend and I couldn't not have any, that would've been mean right? So I ate 3 (!) small rock buns, which helped me gain 0.5lbs - today I'm on 12st 6.7lbs.

A hand drawing of baked rock buns.

We're on Monday now though and I always (okay, not always) feel more energetic and determined at the start of the week. I'm hoping for more progress this week too and with cutting everything down further I should manage it. 

I am going to Eden Hall on Wednesday though and I simply can't resist their muffins, they're to die for! I cannot wait to take a day, entirely for myself, and relax. Sometimes the day-to-day can get on top of me and the Hubby decided, on a whim, on Saturday night to book me a day there. He didn't hear any complaints from me, I love that place!

Despite that though I think I can manage the week without gaining much weight. I'm going to behave and look after myself.

How's your weight loss journey going?


  1. Don't beat yourself up for munching some delicious baked goods! We're allowed a treat every now and again, it's so important to not totally restrict, at least in my opinion.

    1. I'd agree, I think sometimes it just gets me down that it has such a huge impact!

  2. I think it's always hardest to stay on track and try and lose weight in January where there's so much "new year new you" type pressure and it's also a soggy wet depressing month. So I think you've done a great job of getting through the week. Everyone has dips, that's part of being human. It's a long term race, you'll get there I'm sure!

    1. Ah thanks! You're right too, I think January is the hardest month to stick to it, the pressure is just too much.

  3. Well done! I always think these things are one step forward and two steps back. The important thing is the keeping at it. Enjoy Eden Hall

    1. Thanks hun, and I really did enjoy Eden Hall. xx