Creating Awesome Images With Fotojet

As well as Canva and PicMonkey there is another website you could be using for your blogging images. FotoJet is a site that lets you create images for all kinds of things, for example a Mother's Day card.

Pinnable image created using Fotojet

When I wrote my post Creating a Header Using Canva I had no idea there was another site I could be using for my images. I love Canva and use it every day to edit and create images to share here. When I first looked at Fotojet I didn't think it was a site that I would use very often, I had a cursory glance at what the website could do and wrote it off. 

That was a mistake.

It turns out that Fotojet is a very useful website for creating gorgeous images. Not only could you create a header for your blog but you can create Twitter headers, Google+ headers, and much more.

The difference between Fotojet and Canva is that Fotojet had lots of free pre-made templates for you to use. You can change the fonts, the colours of the fonts, and add any clipart you wish.

I was using Fotojet this morning and below you'll find some of the images I created.

The templates for Google+ headers are great, you could have a fabulous looking page in no time. I chose the template above fore messing around with. 

Playing around with the images was fun and I would've left the original decoration there but my site name didn't fit in the space so I had to get rid of it. I liked the standard template and I'm sure with a little more playing around I could create something I'd use as my Google+ header. 

After playing around with the Google+ header I got the creative bug and decided to look at the Youtube header...

I added a photo and changed the original text.

Although you can't change the colour (or if you can I couldn't work out how) of the original adornments you can add filters to your images. If you found a template that you liked it would make a great Youtube header.

Here's another Youtube header template, it looked nice and I went about making changes to make it mine.

First I added my own photo.

Next I changed the large text...

I wasn't keen on the original font, I went into the font options and had a look at the available fonts.

Once I'd decided on a font I changed the other text too.

I spent the entire morning playing around with Fotojet and below you'll find a selection of Facebook headers using templates.

I think that last one was my favourite. 

As well as social headers Fotojet has a wide range of options to choose from in the 'Creative' section.

You can create photo cards for Mother's Day, Father's Day, and more. You can also have fun with the other templates they have. 

Here are some of my creations...

The only way my face will get on a magazine cover! 

The great thing about Fotojet is that the original templates are gorgeous and all you need to do is add your photos. You can create some fabulous images with it.

I'm glad I spent more time playing around with Fotojet because it means I have another tool on my list that I can use to create some gorgeous images.

Why not give it a try yourself?

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  1. Oh I do like the look of this. I think I will have to have a proper look. Thank you for sharing x

    1. You really should Kim, it's super easy to use and they have loads of templates. :)

  2. Oh my, this looks a great website Morgan. I love Canva and could create fun pictures all day!! I need to check this out. am turning my computer off now but I will be checking this out after my morning run. If not I will be there all morning ;)

    Thanks for sharing at Creative Mondays

    1. I'm the same Claire, I could mess about on these sites all day. Fotojet and Canva are two of my favourites at the moment. :)