What I Read 36

I haven't spent as much time as I'd have liked reading this week. I am enjoying co-hosting #PoCoLo though and I do get to read all the posts that link up, which is great.

What I Read - sharing other bloggers' posts.

Mrs Tubbs, who writes at Someplace Strange

This time of year it can be difficult to stay cheerful, miserable weather and dark days certainly don't help. In 8 Ways To Make Yourself Feel Happier Mrs Tubbs shares some tips to help us out. There are so many different ways you could try and make yourself happier but in this post she lists a few you might not have thought of. Reading it came at just the right time for me, I'm hoping I can do the same for someone else by sharing it here.

A brilliantly funny weekly post that I've been introduced to via #PoCoLo (thanks for linking!) is Silly Mummy's Ten Funniest Things. In Thank you for having a lovely time: The Ten Funniest Things The Toddler Said Last Week Silly Mummy shares some things that her toddler has said. I have enjoyed reading these posts every week so far, they remind of LP when he was a toddler and I always laugh out loud. Please do head over and check out these funny posts.

Louise's Twitter pic

Again thanks to #PoCoLo I was introduced last week to another fantastic post from Mother in the Middle over on Touchline Dad's blog. In her post Ten she talks about her youngest son and their relationship. It is a touching post that brought tears to my eyes, she talked about the changes her son is soon to go through and the fact that she enjoys that he's still 'little'. I loved reading this post and I know you will too.

Michelle from Mummy from the Heart blog

If you're a blogger then you'll have seen (I'm sure) all the posts and various social media updates about 'knowing your worth'. So many people talk about not accepting small figures for sponsored posts and how it's not helping the industry if you do. Well Michelle disagrees and in her post Know Your Worth Bloggers... Pfft she talks about how everyone has to start out somewhere. All of us are on our own journey and no one can tell you what you should and shouldn't accept. Here, here, Michelle - brilliant, well-written post.

Being a mum is tough, you're always working hard to make sure everyone else is healthy and happy, often forgetting about yourself. I put my entire family before myself and sometimes I get so bogged down in housework and other stuff that I forget to take time for me. That results in everyone being grumpy because I haven't been taking care of myself and so can't take care of others. As a mum it is really important to take care of yourself and that's why I loved Kate's post 10 ways to be a happy mum. In this post she shares her tips for making sure you're happy, it's a must read.

Becky who writes at Lakes Single Mum blog

How often do you exercise? I used to run daily, but that's dropped off and now I don't run at all. Shocking I know. I have started trying to squeeze in some yoga now and then but Becky over at Lakes Single Mum is really going for it. In Fitness Friday: Brathray Marathon Training Week 2 #ThisGirlCan Becky shares her training journey so far. I cannot believe how much running she's doing, she is an inspiration.



  1. Thank you for including me this month. :). I've read most of these, but looking forward to catching up with the few I haven't

  2. Thanks for including me (though link didn't work!), you have put me in fab company

  3. You always manage to find such inspiring reads! Thanks for sharing with #ReadWithMe

  4. This is such a nice series. It is so good when people take the time to highlight the posts hey have enjoyed. Thanks so much, Mich x

    1. Thanks Michelle, I think it's important to share other bloggers' posts. Blog karma an' all that. :) Thanks for stopping by. x