What I Read 35

Welcome to the 35th instalment of What I Read and I'm looking forward to sharing some great posts with you.

Louisa, of Life as we know it blog

The start of the year is always a great time to look at home improvements, I'm hoping for a new bathroom at some point and I'm sure you all have some fabulous ideas for your home. So does Louisa and in Plans for a major bedroom renovation she talks about her bedroom and the plans for improving it. It sounds like a big job but I'm sure she'll love it when it's all finished. Good Luck Louisa.

Whenever I hear the word sunscreen the 1999 song Everybody's Free (To Wear Sunscreen by Baz Luhrmann comes to mind. I love that song and smile every time I listen to it. That's why when I read Everybody's Free (To Wear Breast Pads) I loved it. This absolutely brilliant parody on the popular song had me smiling and laughing and, if you're a parent, you'll love it too.

Twins run in my family, I have cousins who are twins and aunts who are twins, but I didn't have twins. I have two lovely boys, with 5 years between them, but I always wondered what it would be like having twins. Mum of 3 shares the things that people say about twins in this post and I'm happy to report that I'm not guilty of any of them (or at least I think so!). Have you said any of these things to mums of twins?

A post that touched my heart was Bethan's letter to her littlest princess. This post was, as I said in my comment, truly beautiful. Watching our children grow can sometimes be a tough process but it is also amazing and Beth expresses it brilliantly in this post. Thank you for sharing it with us Beth.

Ali, Mum in a Nutshell

How often do you do something nice for someone? Every day? Every week? Every month? I don't really think about the things I do on a daily basis, I just get on with it, but sometimes you do something for someone else that makes you smile. It fills you with joy and you can't help but smile because of it. In Ali's post When You Can't Put a Price on Happiness she shares a moment when she was nice to someone, it filled her with joy and I'm glad she shared. She also shares a brilliant poem that totally sums up a smile. Please head over and check out her post. 

Maria, Collecting Moments

When day-to-day life runs away with you it is easy to forget to take a moment to enjoy life. Making memories with your children somehow fade into the background and the mundane chores and daily life just get in the way. It can be difficult to break that cycle and make a choice but in Maria's post she does just that. I loved The Choice We Always Have As Parents because Maria took an opportunity to enjoy time with her child, it is a lovely post that made me smile. And it will make you smile too.

Check back next week when I'll have more great posts for you to read!


  1. Thanks for including my post among the other fab reads. It's always great to be introduced to new blogs x

    1. You're welcome hun, hope you enjoyed reading the others. xx