What I Read 34

I took rather a long break from What I Read but now that we're well and truly into the swing of things I thought I'd bring it back.

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I've read so many great posts over the past couple of months, some of the posts I share are from a while ago but please don't let that put you off. Every single post I share has entertained me in some way, so I'm hoping they'll entertain you too.

First up is Nikki Wood, aka Mrs Tubbs. She was our Newbie for the Newbie Showcase in #PoCoLo this week and today I'm sharing another of my favourite posts of hers; So you want to be a blogger... In the post she shares her tips and suggests things you ought to consider before trying out blogging. It's a great post.

Tim, Slouching Towards Thatcham

In A letter from dad: 5 reasons why I blog Tim shares his reasons for blogging. He explains to his children why he blogs and what he enjoys about doing it. Tim looked back at what life was like before the internet and shared his thoughts. A great read.

Talya, Motherhood The Real Deal

A brilliantly funny post from Talya entitled 15 signs you're actually a granny mum. I do try my hardest to be a stylish 30-something mum but more often than not my need for comfort takes over and I find myself doing most of the things on this list! Please check it out - I promise you'll laugh. 

Mrs C who writes at learning to be Mrs C

As her eldest daughter starts growing up Mrs C considers the implications of The Tween Years. I particularly liked the inclusion of the short video of Kevin the Teenager (a Harry Enfield character for those of you too young to remember), it brought back memories and made me laugh. We showed the clip to BP recently to prove that it's what he does, in classic tween fashion he went into a strop! Great post from Mrs C and definitely one to read. 

A post that I was cheering "here, here!" to before even reading it was "F*** the guilt, Ladies" by Kate. After reading I was still cheering and it's a post that I think all people should read, but particularly mums. That guilt is something we constantly battle, when will it end?

Katy who writes at What Katy Said

In I am Loving: Blogging and Being Totally Free Katy talks about how she came to blogging and why she loves it so much. If you'd like to learn a little bit about a brilliant blogger this is the post to read. I enjoyed reading because it inspired me and I got to learn about a fellow blogger. 


  1. I am so honoured to be included! A great roundup and some I haven't read yet so will pop by later. xxx

    1. Happy to have you, hope you enjoy reading the other posts. xx

  2. Thank you for including me in such great company!

  3. Thanks for including me once again, Morgan. A really great set of posts too.

    1. You're welcome Tim - loving your new avatar by the way! ;)