Regular Cereals vs Low Sugar Cereals

Just lately I've been having cereal for my breakfast, it's quick and easy, and tasty.

A hand drawn bowl of cereal with the words "Regular cereal vs. low sugar cereal, which is more healthy?"

I don't like to mess about at breakfast time, I already have loads to do in a morning without messing about trying to make myself a fruit salad or some other 'healthy' breakfast. I'm all about the quick and easy breakfasts.

Cereals are great for that and I've been through phases of having Special K, All Bran, Oats n More, and so many others I can't even remember them all. 

The problem is I get bored, or I begin to think they're not quite as healthy as they're claiming to be.

This came into sharp focus last week when I was doing the weekly shopping.

I've been having Cheerios for breakfast so I just grabbed another box, then I saw a different coloured box of cheerios. On the front, in big letters, it said 'LOW SUGAR'. Obviously I picked it up, I mean when you're looking for a healthier breakfast low sugar is the way to go right? 

I looked at the box, inspected the sugar content, and yes, there was less sugar.

After inspecting the cereal further I put the box back on the shelf and kept my original box of Cheerios.


Well even though the box of Cheerios was lower in sugar it was much higher in fats (including saturated) and salt, resulting in a higher calorie count.

Two boxes of Cheerios side by side.

The box is clearly marked up to make you think it is better for you, and that annoys me. If it wasn't for the fact that I'd looked, I wouldn't have known that they had a higher calorie count. I would've eaten them everyday, likely put on weight, and wondered why on earth I was putting on weight.

This is what annoys me about advertising and slogans and stuff, they're allowed to say what they like as long as it is factually correct. 

So yes the newer box of Cheerios was low sugar - but it wasn't healthier overall. They are not claiming that it is healthier than the original so it's okay, but that is clearly what they want you to think.

Seeing this for myself just made me more wary when buying other things too and now I check everything, even if it says it's the healthier option.

Just because it says it's healthier on the box does not mean it actually is.


  1. This is pretty shocking....I always think when it says low in sugar it's better for you! I think I will be checking things more closely in future x

    1. Yes do! I thought it would be better too, turns out it's really not.