Trust Yourself

Having a little bundle of joy completely dependent on you is a daunting prospect, throw illness into the mix and it's suddenly terrifying. As a new parent your confidence is shaky.

Trust Yourself | Morgan's Milieu: Feeling confident as a parent is tough - Trust yourself and your instincts.

BP's first proper illness scared me so much I can still remember it now.

He'd been crying all night, very unlike him, I took his temperature and it was over 40 degrees!

My instinct was to call the doctor, but it was late so I phoned the NHS helpline and spoke to a lovely nurse who offered advice.

A cool bath and some Nurofen for Children and BP's temperature slowly dropped. 

He fell asleep in my arms and I cried as relief washed over me.

New parents often struggle with confidence, according to a study by Nurofen for Children it takes a first time mum an average of six months to feel confident as a parent. I have to say I agree with that, it does take that first six months to get into the swing of parenting.

I got a confidence boost when I took care of my son when he was ill. BP's first illness taught me that I could cope, I could deal with anything.

So how do you feel confident as a new parent?

The Nurofen for Children study says there are a few things that can boost your confidence:

Advice from your mum
Advice from your GP
Knowing that you are doing the best you possibly can
Having experience of having done it before

For me it's all about trusting your own instincts. 

When BP was born I think I was given a sixth sense for his illnesses. Whenever he is ill I just know

Learning to trust your instincts will make raising your child much easier.

Trust in yourself.

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