My Morning

Every weekday I get up at 6:30am (sometimes earlier) and begin my 'working' day. In the two hours between me getting up and taking LP to school I do tons of jobs.

My Morning | Morgan's MIlieu: A mum's chores are never done.

Here's an example of an average morning:

Arise at 6:30am, still dark outside.
Up, dressed and downstairs by 6:45am.
Toast, Orange Juice, and BBC News while I eat breakfast.
BP gets up, requires breakfast (my morning break is now over).
LP gets up, requires breakfast.

1st load of washing in Washing Machine.
Dishes into the Dishwasher
15 minutes of ironing.
Nag BP to brush teeth, wash face, get dressed.
Take ironed clothes away, put into wardrobes and drawers.

Tackle sock mountain, pair up socks, replace odd ones back on the mountain.
Nag LP to brush teeth, wash face, get dressed.
The Hubby arises, requires breakfast.
Nag BP to get ready for school.
Take paired up socks away, put away in drawers.

Start washing pots and pans that couldn't go in the dishwasher.
BP heads out to school.
Leave the pots and pans on the drainer.
Timer goes off, back to the washer.
Load up the Tumble Dryer, new load in the washer. 
Reset timer.

Empty kitchen bin, replace bin-bag (or tackle any other little jobs)
Tell LP to get shoes and coat on ready for school.
Put on my own shoes and coat.
Tell LP to put his shoes on.
Stand and wait for LP to be ready.

I leave the house to drop LP off at school at around 8:35am.

A quick read of this list makes it sound super easy, why on earth should it take 2 hours?! But it does.

By the time I leave the house to take LP to school I feel like I've already done a day's work. 

I will return to the washing machine 4 or 5 times throughout the day, which creates more ironing.
I will make lunch and dinner, which means the dishwasher will need to go on and the pots and pans will need to be cleaned.
Each day more clothes are put in the wash basket, which means the washer will be on tomorrow.

None of these jobs will ever be 'finished', there will always be clothes to put in the washer or food to cook.

The chores of a stay-at-home parent are never-ending and sometimes I feel like I'll be doing it forever.

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  1. You get more done in a couple of hours than I do in a morning....I'm blaming Twitter....It just sucks me in. hehehe

    1. Haha, thanks Kim. Yes Twitter can suck you in can't it? I don't open any of the social media apps until the kids are at school, that way I can get my jobs done first. If I did, I'd be the same! ;)

  2. Amazing how much one person can get done when they have too! Sounds exhausting just reading it!

    1. Oh it is! The past few weeks I've been wiped out most days, enough that I want to go to bed at 9pm! But I can slowly see I'm making progress so I'll keep going. :)

  3. House-work is a drainer! I do squats and leg lifts while washing dishes! : ) Chores + fitness!

    1. Hehe Thanks for that Zaz I'll have to remember that one! I think the Hubby might wonder what I was doing if he wandered into the kitchen mid-squat though! ;)

  4. Sounds the writing in school planners, writing cheques for school trips you've just been told about (after frantic search for nearly obsolete cheque book), locating lost shoes, violins, ties etc etc!

    1. Oh yes Louise, exactly!! Thanks for stopping by. x


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