I'm Holding Me Back

Right now I am my own worst enemy.

I get up in the morning with all the good intentions in the world. I want to eat healthily, I want to steer clear of the alcohol and I don't want to touch the chocolate.

I don't know what it is that happens but at some point during the day my determination abandons me and by lunch time I'm starving and digging into a giant Double Decker or having a glass of bourbon after dinner.

My weight last week: 11st 11.6lbs
My weight this week: 11st 13.7lbs

My weight has jumped up again. I'm not winning this battle, to be honest I'm not even fighting.

In my favour I did speak to someone at my local gym last week. She was a lovely woman who explained how things work and told me they run classes too.

I have been missing my yoga class quite a lot. Every Friday morning I would go to a yoga class and absolutely loved it. I found it helped my balance, my posture, and I felt wonderful after being there.

Then it got cancelled.

I haven't looked for any replacement classes since, until I called the gym. I happened to ask about classes and she said they do yoga classes, amongst others. 

I'm hopefully going to a class this evening, to try out. I'll let you know how it goes.


  1. I start off each day exactly the same and like you say by lunch time all good intentions are long abandoned. Then comes the guilt! I hope you enjoy the yoga class, it's nice when you find an exercise you enjoy xx

    1. Oh yes the guilt is great isn't it?! NOT. I loved the yoga class, unfortunately I just can't justify the cost of a gym membership for 1 class per week!