What I Read 33

Although I've been quiet on social media the last few days I'm still here. I'm reading posts as much as I can, so let's get on with the blog love shall we?

Crummy Mummy, who writes at Confessions of a Crummy Mummy

A much needed break when you're a parent comes around about as often as Christmas. That's why, when we're planning for it we get all excited and can't sleep! In Things They Don't Tell You About Being A Parent Natalie talks about her mini break and how nice it is to reconnect. There are a few things in her list that made me laugh too. I totally agree with her.

Katy - who writes at Carry On Katy blog

When we're in our early teens the thought of being middle-aged is awful, we feel like it's a terrible stage of life and we don't ever want to get there. As we get older it doesn't bother us as much, but it's still one of those times that seems to have a stigma attached. Carry on Katy has a great post for you though, on just this subject: 5 Benefits of Being Middle-Aged. This post had me laughing, and nodding along. Go and have a read.

The Mulk, aka Agent Spitback.
As we watch our little babies grow, seeing them change into toddlers who want to play with EVERYTHING (including pots and pans), from toddlers into school children, we are usually proud of the little people they become. We love seeing their language expand, and watching them learn at school. But then they change and you're suddenly thrown into a world of tantrums, strops, and emotions. Your little baby is a tween - oh boy what to do?! I'm at this stage right now and it is so hard to put into words just how I feel. The Mulk, aka Agent Spitback wrote a post that I could totally relate to and I think if you're going through this right now you could relate to it to. Have a read of Don't Call Me Mum! You won't be disappointed.

Kate, who blogs at hello baby bug.

Taking your first tentative steps as a parent is a daunting prospect. How do you teach the little tykes to behave? How do you make sure they grow up to be wonderful people? Do you follow your parents' rules? Would you want your children to grow up like you did? This is an interesting question, one which Kate asks in her post. Her perspective is different and I can see her point of view. Why not pop over, give her post a read, and tell her what you think?

Nigel who writes at DIY Daddy.

I am estranged from my biological mother, have been for years now. I don't remember the last time I spoke to her and although I hear about her through my sisters I have no desire to speak to her. But would that be different if she was ill, if she was dying? I'm not sure how I would feel in that situation. Nigel over at DIY Daddy shared a very personal post about his father, Do I see my father before he dies? He asks the question and struggles with the answer, I beg you to go and read this post. It does have a happy ending.

Those of you who read this blog regularly will know that I am a huge Disney fan. I love old classic movies like Cinderella and Snow white, and the Pixar movies have me fixed every time. I cannot wait to go and see The Good Dinosaur! I enjoyed watching Frozen, just like thousands of little girls all over the world. I thought it was a brilliant, and different, interpretation of 'true love's kiss'. Not everyone liked Frozen though, and Alex was one of them. In her post Let It Go Walt she talks about how she disagrees with some reviews of the film and doesn't think it is 'boldly feminist'. It was interesting to read and although I disagreed I could see some of her points. Head over and give it a read, let her know what you think.



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