What I Read 32

It's time to share my favourite reads from this week, and I have to say my list is getting rather long. The posts I share may be from a few weeks ago but be sure that I enjoyed reading them.

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Tim, from Slouching Towards Thatcham, has a dream.
Do you spend time interpreting dreams? I used to, when I was a teenager I had a phase of thinking every single dream meant something. I would search through books trying to find the meaning for my teeth falling out or dreaming that I was falling. These days I don't do that, I have far too much other stuff to do! Sometimes though I do have dreams that bother me, and I wonder if there's any significance. Tim wrote a post about a dream he had and it reminded me that I used to interpret them. The thing is we can't waste time trying to figure out what these dreams mean, we should just get on with living life to the full. You never know what is around the next corner.

Wade, of firsttimedad.club, talks about the things he misses.

Remember when you were young and had no responsibilities? When the world was your oyster, your dreams soared, and nothing seemed impossible? How different life can be when you're a parent. I still dream, but I think the responsibilities and obligations can mean you put those dreams to the back of the queue. Wade wrote about this recently in Something I Miss. A great post about having that 'me-time' all the time!

My eldest boy is 11 years old and sometimes it feels like the teenage years are just around the corner. Other times he's back to his old self when he loved nothing more than having his 'blanky' next to him while watching TV. These days it's not a 'blanky' but a soft fleecy blanket, he'll snuggle under it while watching movies in an evening. Tara has a boy who is much the same, although a little older than BP. She got to review a lovely looking blanket in Teenager in Waiting, and I think I may have to purchase one. 

Sarah, of Admissions of a Working Mother, wonders about her blog being her therapist.

Blogging has often been described as having a therapist, recently by Sarah in Does anyone feel like their blog is their therapist? I couldn't agree more with this, a blog is an outlet and it is so easy to let your fingers fly over the keys and release all that tension. Whether it's a chance to be creative, let go of your stress, or simply an opportunity to rant about something a blog is a fantastic thing!

Mim, of Mamamim.com, talks about how she's changed her parenting style.

If you have more than one child your parenting tactics tend to change. What worked on your first child may not work on your second. We often beat ourselves up about not doing things the same, or trying out something we said we never would. Mim's post I'm Not the Mum I Used to Be, talks about just this stuff. How things change when you have more than one child, how you change your attitudes. We grow as parents as our children grow, we learn and adapt. 

Jocelyn, of The Reading Residence, gives us tips on how to build a den.

Being a parent means you absolutely have to know how to build a den. Remember being young and thinking how truly wonderful it was to have a blanket fort? My two love it when I let them have a den and a little while ago I built one in the lounge for them. They were able to play xbox games in there and I was the best mum ever! That's why I loved Jocelyn's post Indoor Den Building in 5 Easy Steps.


  1. Great round up and thanks so much for including me :)

  2. Great selection again love having some new blogs to read and dad blogs too :) x

    1. Ah yes, the dad blogs are just as good as the others. Tim is especially talented, you should definitely go check out his blog. :)
      Thanks for stopping by. x

  3. Boys and their blankets; what is that all about Morgan eh?! I think it's rather cute, like they're growing up but clutching on to still being a little boy and I like that very much :-)

    1. I have to agree Tara. Both my boys loved their blankets and I love that they're still hanging on to them. :)