What I Read 30

As I've said before my list of brilliant posts grows every week. I love sharing my favourite posts with you all and hope you've found some new blogs to read. In What I Read 30 (I can't believe I've done 30 of these!) I'm sharing posts from some great writers.

What I Read 30 | Morgan's Milieu: Parenting, and breast cancer awareness. When was the last time you checked yourself?

Okay so we all admit that this parenting malarkey can be tough right? From the second the bundle of joy pops out (or is laboriously pushed out!) they're constantly on your mind and more often than not, creating havoc. Kirsten hit a new parenting low after a particularly trying time recently and I think we can all relate to this one. Head over and give her your much needed support.

What I Read 30 | Morgan's Milieu: Finding that motherhood sweet spot is a pain but Kaye thinks she's found it.

With all the obstacles us parents face the simple life can seem like a mirage. We strive to find that sweet spot and hope that it sticks this time. Inevitably it doesn't and we're left scrambling once again. Kaye thinks she has found the perfect equation of motherhood and shares it with us. I wonder if she's right and if so how long it will last?

What I Read 30 | Morgan's Milieu: Want to know why mums really blog? Check out Talya's post.

Why do mums blog? There are so many of us out there that I sometimes wonder why we all do it. It's certainly not an easy thing to do and even if it's just a hobby, finding the time for it can be... well, tough. When I came across Talya's post it made me both laugh and nod along and I think you'll enjoy reading. Check out The 10 REAL reasons why mums blog.

What I Read 30 | Morgan's Milieu: Sarah describes why her little one is nicknamed Dangermouse.

With an adventurer in the house in the form of LP I know I'm in for a world of broken limbs, scraped knees and bumps on the head. From the moment LP was born I knew he'd be a thrill-seeker and I accept that but at the same time he scares the life out of me! He's had a nickname for a long time, a rendition of The Terminator. Sarah has her own little thrill-seeker too and she's nicknamed her Dangermouse. Why not pop over and read about her adventures.

What I Read 30 | Morgan's Milieu: Catie lists reasons why children are experts at torture in her wonderfully funny post.

Taking care of children can sometimes feel like you're locked in a cell waiting for the inevitable. Some days are hard, in fact they can often feel like you're slowly being tortured. Catie wrote a brilliant post on just this subject listing the ways in which children torture their parents. It was a great read and I suggest you head over there right now! 

What I Read 30 | Morgan's Milieu: Breast Cancer Awareness isn't all about going bra-less for the day. Don't forget to Touch, Look, Check.

How many of you check your breasts regularly? I'm guessing not many, I know I don't. I also know that I should and that finding something early can ensure you're still around to see your children grow. October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and I loved a post by @GrohlMrs. Why I will NOT be getting my tatas out for Breast Cancer was a brilliantly written post about the reasons behind many Breast Cancer Awareness campaigns. Please head over there and read. And while I've got you, be sure to Touch, Look, Check.

I'd love you to head over the these blogs and show some love!
Happy reading.

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  1. Thanks so much Morgan. Hard to believe that you've placed me in such excellent company. So glad you enjoyed my rather tongue in cheek piece. I do love my boys even if they drive me completely insane! X

    1. I was happy to feature you hun, I really did enjoy reading your piece. Hehe we must be insane, we love them even though they drive us crazy! :)

  2. I'm absolutely chuffed you enjoyed reading about DANGERMOUSE, and her adrenaline junkie lifestyle! Thank you, and some of my fave bloggers alongside me, even better x x x

    1. Fantastic! I have my own little adrenaline junkie! Glad to make you smile. :)

  3. Ahh thanks for the recommendations I already read some of these blogs, but it's already to have new ones to read :)

  4. as always some great picks, will pop over and read them all :) thanks for sharing with #readwithme

    1. Thanks for hosting #readwithme - I love sharing these great posts and now, because of your linky, I get to showcase them to others too! :) Hope you enjoy reading xx