Planning and Action in Progress

This morning I did the food shopping and although I bought chocolate, it wasn't for me, and crisps (also not for me) I also bought fruit, Upbeat drinks, and planned my meals for the week.

Food to avoid: burgers and chips, fried chicken, cookies, and muffins are just a few of the things you ought to avoid when on a diet.

My weight last week was 11st 12.5lbs
My weight this week is 11st 11.5lbs

That's 1lb loss - I'm happy with that and if I can keep it that way I'll be even happier. 

My steps last week were 33,457
My steps this week were 42,753

I went to London on Saturday to attend Blogfest '15 so that is why my steps are up. I'm glad I managed to get some walking in though.

I'm feeling a little more positive today and after buying fruit and healthy food I'm hoping I'll lose this week too.

The knack is beating those cravings.

At around 10:30am every day I get peckish, I fancy something to eat but I'll either deny myself and end up starving by lunch time, or I'll eat rubbish (chocolate or crisps). So today instead of buying more crisps that I like to eat (I LOVE Walkers Cheese and Onion crisps) I bought some I'm not bothered about. That way the boys are happy because they still get to have them but I won't be persuaded to munch through a bag.

Win, win, right?

Swap your unhealthy snacks for fruit, have healthier breakfasts, and prepare meals for you and your family.

I spoke a few weeks ago about planning meals and last week I kind of let that one slide. With so much going on in the week it didn't really work. However, this week I'm back on it, we all ate far too much bad food last week and laziness was a big part of that. I need to make a conscious effort to plan, buy the food, and actually make the food in the evening. So again, this week I've planned out our week. Almost every day I know what we'll be eating and can plan accordingly.

The next thing on my list is to find something I can do, fitness wise. I'm going to research local classes (yoga probably) because my knees can't take me running at the moment. I'm taking that step because if I don't this slippery slope will lead me back to being morbidly obese again, and I just can't let that happen.

I don't feel healthy right now.

I'm not saying I need to be four stones lighter but losing at least one stone would be nice. Again though, I'm not in a hurry, a steady loss with conscious effort from me and I'll be happy. 

What these past few months have taught me is that even once you hit your ultimate target your journey is not over. It just takes a little slip and you'll fall down, heading back to where you started, or worse.

Keeping weight under control is a constant battle and requires a change in lifestyle, not just reducing what you eat.

I'm on it, I think, and I know effort is required.

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  1. Well done you. Won't lie your food to avoid pic looks very tempting.

    1. Hehe, thanks hun. They are tempting aren't they? ;)

  2. I like the sanity in this post. Small losses add up and you are way smaller than me already but I will get down to your weight next year and I am fine with that. We have to be kind to ourselves and as you say planning and lifestyle change is definitely the way to succeed. Thanks for linking up with blogging to jogging. I really do appreciate the support

    1. Thanks for taking on Blogging to Jogging - glad to see it go to a good home. :)
      I think the small losses are the way to go, it's tough but slight adjustments can make a big difference if you stick to them for a long time. Good luck with your weight loss hun, you've done great so far! :)

  3. I always think a slow and steady loss is the best way. I lost a stone in six weeks (I'm not sure how!) and because I lost so much so quickly I'm really worried that I am going to start piling it on soon. It definitely requires a change in lifestyle, not just diet.

    1. Wow a stone in six weeks?! That's loads. I think as long as you're careful it shouldn't pile back on straight away. That is unless you did some sort of crash diet. I've hopefully made enough changes to make a difference. Thanks for stopping by. xx

  4. The one thing I struggle with is food I love it. It's so hard to be good now I'm working evenings because its late when I get home and I dont always have time to do a heathly cooked me at lunch and certainly dont have time before work so I end up eating junk or skipping an evening meal. I need to work on this

    1. It's hard to stay on top of things all of the time isn't it? I think it's something most of us struggle with. x