Learning to Surf The Waves of Life

Life is unpredictable.

Each and every one of us lives our daily lives in ignorance of the very real fact that something could happen at any time to change our life forever.

Life is like the Sea. Beautiful & Serene. Savage & Unrelenting.

Life is like the sea - beautiful and serene in places, showing such sights you could cry, but it is also savage, an unrelenting beast that can attack at any moment.

Sometimes things are quick, arriving and forcing consequences on us without giving us a chance to comprehend what is happening. Like the atrocities in Paris, one minute people were enjoying a concert and the next terror reigned.

Other times you have information before hand, you see what is going to happen, you know there will be consequences, but you can't change it.

Although the sea of my life was choppy years ago things had settled and I'd been enjoying calm waters.

But life doesn't stay calm for long.

Without notice a huge wave has landed on our heads and we (our family) are still reeling. The sea has changed and its waves are building. We are trying to understand what happened, trying to figure out how the sea could suddenly turn on us like that.

Of course we will never understand, that's life.

Now we have to learn to cope with the waves any way we can. We have to learn to surf.

An awesome quote that fits well right now.

It doesn't matter who you are, where you live, or what you do, the sea of life can turn on you. 

What defines who you really are is how you deal with those waves.

Learning to surf the waves of life is the only way to survive. 

If you try to fight the waves, or deny that they're there, you'll get knocked about the head and may go under.

You need to find your surfboard and learn to ride those waves. It doesn't matter if they're little waves that you glide over, or tidal waves that could knock you off that board, you have to find a way to keep going.

Giving up is not an option.

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