I'm Attending Blogfest '15!

Okay so I've had the badge saying I'm attending Blogfest '15 in my sidebar for the past month but now it feels real. 

You see this morning I bought my train ticket!

I hope that's not me having missed my train!

The Hubby had been nagging me to do it for ages and I'd been putting it off and generally forgetting about it. 

Now though Blogfest is a little more than two weeks away.

Two weeks!

Just thinking about it sets my stomach aflutter. I'm both excited and nervous and I'm absolutely terrified I'll either get on the wrong train, miss my train, or get lost. 

It may not sound believable but I've never caught a train on my own before. I've never had to, I learned to drive when I met the Hubby and whenever I went anywhere I'd drive. Not that I go anywhere without the kids or the Hubby. 

That's what makes this such a big deal, I'm venturing out alone. I'm doing something that is just for me.

The Hubby has attended loads of conferences and trade shows to do with his work and I've always stayed at home with the boys. This time our roles are reversed and I'm not sure how I feel about it. 

Like I said I'm kind of excited, it's a new chapter, a new challenge, and I'm sure I'll love meeting all the people I've spoken to online. Getting to listen to talks from amazing writers, hear advice from people I admire, and getting to talk to brands face-to-face could transform me and my blog. 

On the other hand I'm terrible at meeting new people and actually talking. I'm quite the introvert (at least I think I am), I don't do well in crowds of people. When I do something new I like to have everything planned out to-the-letter. I don't like to leave things to chance in case something goes wrong. I can't do that with Blogfest.

A year or so ago I read an interesting post, Faking It At Blogfest written by Katy, and I can't help but think about that post now. I wonder if that will work for me?

Should I pretend? Fake being confident and happy, while inside being absolutely terrified?

It seemed to work for Katy so maybe that's the way to go.

Either way I'll be there amongst hundreds of other bloggers hoping to gain knowledge and confidence. 

If you see me say hi, I'll be the one in the corner looking scared!


  1. Hi Morgan, I feel exactly the same! I can't believe blogfest is so close. Although I haven't bought my train ticket yet, I should probably sort that out! I am also not great in crowds of people, so I'll also be faking it, but I'm so excited to go. I hope to meet you there? Rebecca x www.thesparklenest.com

    1. Would be lovely to meet you Rebecca. I think there will be a huge group of us that are terrified, I've spoken to loads of people who feel the same! ;)

  2. Hi Morgan, how exciting! I remember you saying you were going a while back and now it's almost upon you! I'd be exactly the same as you, all trembly inside. We know that the blogging community is a welcoming community, so I bet it won't take long for the faking it to turn to no longer have to fake it!

    Have a great time.


    1. Thanks so much Debbie! You're right, bloggers are a lovely bunch. :)

  3. I am nervous too! I must collect my train ticket.. It will be my first time alone in a hotel since I got married!

    1. Oh wow, that's a scary one. I haven't done that yet either, I'll be getting an early train down to London and then returning later too so no hotel stay for me. I've got my train ticket too. I'll look out for you, hope to say hi! xx