What I Read 28

Welcome back to another week of What I Read, I can't believe this is the 28th of these posts.

What I Read 28 | Morgan's Milieu: What I Read, come back each week for more great posts.

What I Read 28 | Morgan's Milieu: John Adams, dadbloguk.com, shares a post about the time he bought a trampoline for his children.
An entertaining start to What I Read this week with a post from John Adams who blogs over at dadbloguk.com. Back in September he got a trampoline for his children that resulted in some unexpected issues. Check out his post How NOT to buy your children a trampoline. I remember buying our trampoline, and I remember when LP's friend, at our house for a play-date, jumped up against the netting and tore right through it. I'm glad that John's story had a happy ending though. Hope the trampoline is still getting plenty of use John.

What I Read 28 | Morgan's Milieu: Becky, who writes at Pinks Charming, has written a post on small parenting victories.

Parenting is a tough job and it takes someone who doesn't mind losing (like, all the time) the odd battle. As a parent you tend to get desensitised to the losses eventually and then when you get that amazing win, whatever it is, it makes you feel like you won the lottery. I loved reading Becky's post, 12 small parenting victories that make you feel like you won the lottery, it had me laughing out loud.  

Cleaning, tidying, chores, they're the bugbear of every mother and father in the land. Getting your children to pick up after themselves is a constant battle and often results in arguments and tantrums (at least in our house it does). I loved Hayley's tips on how to encourage your children to keep a tidy home. Anything that can get them doing what I ask is welcome, I'll be trying out some of these tips myself!

What I Read 28 | Morgan's Milieu: Cardiff Mummy, Cardiff Mummy Says, shares her post on feeling ill and the inability to call in sick.

Being ill when you're a mum is tough, we all know this, we've been through it tons of times. Your bones and muscles can be screaming out, your nose won't stop running, and your head feels like there's a sledgehammer hitting it every few seconds, but you have to keep going. If only we could call in sick right? But we can't, as Cardiff Mummy writes in You can't call in sick when you're a mum

What I Read 28 | Morgan's Milieu: Should we be ashamed to want to earn money from writing? Jacqui doesn't think so.

Now here's an interesting question for you... Should Bloggers Get Paid? This is a brilliant post I read a few weeks ago and I loved it. Jacqui writes an interesting post and her vast experience helps her put her point across. We should all value our time more than we do, we have the power to spread the word to lots of people and we shouldn't be ashamed to want to get paid for that.

What I Read 28 | Morgan's Milieu: Renee, aka Mummy Tries, shares a personal and brave post on her breakdowns.

We all have secrets, things that we don't want others to know. Sometimes these things are what create our insecurities, they mould who we are and can destroy the good in us if we let them. One of the bravest posts I think I've ever read was Mummy Tries' post Let's Talk About The Elephant In The Room. Renee shares her very personal story in the hope that she can help others, if you read anything today, read this.

Hope you enjoy reading and check back next week for another roundup of great posts.



  1. Thanks for including me Morgan. I'm loving the new look site, very sleek :-) Hope you're having a great weekend x

    1. You are welcome hun, each time I read one of your posts I marvel at your strength. xx
      Thanks, I love it too! ;)
      Have a great week lovely!

  2. Great picks, I love this feature. The new look is wonderful, very stylish

    1. Thanks! I do love sharing other bloggers' posts. :) Glad you enjoy reading. x

  3. Some very powerful posts you've picked there, thanks for sharing them with #readwithme

    1. Glad you liked them, thanks for hosting #readwithme! :)

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