What I Read 27

Welcome to another week of What I Read, I hope you enjoy reading the posts I'm sharing today. I love sharing these posts and hope I am helping the bloggers, even if it's just in a small way.

What I Read 27 | Morgan's Milieu: Sam, who writes at Mummy Here and There shares her fears when she stepped out to meet a friend.

I have never suffered from anxiety, it's not something I really know about. I do know it can be a debilitating thing. That's why I loved Sam's post Social Anxiety Disorder. Even though she was very scared she took brave steps and deserves praise for that. Head over to her post and offer your support.

What I Read 27 | Morgan's Milieu: Morna Piper, Awesome Austerity, writes about make-up

I could relate to Morna in her post I don't really wear make up... Am I the only one? Like Morna, I never used to wear make-up except for on very special occasions. Lately though I've been putting in a little effort every morning and applying mascara and a little lipstick. It makes me feel a touch better and I actually enjoy it. So, do you wear make up?

What I Read 27 | Morgan's Milieu: On Twin Mummy and Daddy Emily asks Are You The Parent You Thought You'd Be?

Emily asks an interesting question; Are You the Parent You Thought You'd Be? I often dreamed of being the best mum in the world, baking cakes and doing crafts and being there for my children. As it turns out I'm rubbish at baking cakes and crafts just aren't my forte but I AM there for my children. That's the most important thing surely? How do you measure up? Pop over and let Emily know your thoughts.

What I Read 27 | Morgan's Milieu: Share your thoughts on online photo sharing with @MsSBurns
I have never shared photos of my children's faces on the blog, I'm very particular about that. I want to protect my boys' identities. Just because I chose to write a blog does not mean that my boys need to have their faces all over the internet. It scares me when I hear or see someone talking about having their photos stolen or finding them somewhere they didn't expect. This is my personal preference and I'm not telling anyone they shouldn't be sharing photos of their children; it's their choice. An interesting post caught my eye because it was on this subject. In Some Thoughts On Protecting My Online Identity @MsSBurns shares her opinions. What are your thoughts on the subject?

What I Read 27 | Morgan's Milieu: Mama mim writes about her regrets after having kids.

When you become a parent everyone around you suddenly becomes an expert and they all want to give you advice. As a new parent you think you need to listen to everyone. There are many things we do as new parents that we often end up regretting for whatever reason. Mim wrote down some regrets in her post 5 Things I Regret Doing After Having Kids. Can you relate? There are definitely things on Mim's list that I've done. Are there some you would add?

What I Read 27 | Morgan's Milieu: What are your thoughts on bedsharing? Marissa discusses the issue on her blog.
What are you thoughts when someone tells you they're bedsharing with their newborn? I have to admit that I immediately think the person is crazy. When I gave birth to BP the idea of bedsharing was frowned upon and all midwives and doctors advised against it. There were scary stories about parents suffocating their children by rolling over. Even though it's been 11 years since then I still find it hard to alter my opinion but when I read "Are You Trying to Kill Your Baby?" The Facts on Bedsharing it opened my eyes a little. Head over to Marissa's blog and let her know what you think.

I hope you enjoy reading. x



  1. Woohoo- some great posts here! That's my Sunday morning reading sorted- thank you :)

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    1. You're welcome and I hope you enjoyed reading. xx

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