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Like most women I love handbags, I have loads of them and often swap them around to work with my outfit. The Hubby thinks I have enough, but you can never have enough handbags right?

A few weeks ago I stumbled across Today I'm Me and fell in love with their handbags. They're different and look amazing.

Today I'm Me are all about expressing yourself using colours, and being brave and they love bags!

Today I'm Me Wishlist | Morgan's Milieu: Illusion Tote is big enough to fit all my blogging essential. :)

This is the Illusion Tote from Today I'm Me and can be bought for £50, it looks like the perfect blogger bag don't you think? It looks like it would fit all the things I might need when I attend Blogfest '15. It has a zipped top opening, a large interior and a zip pocket inside too.

Today I'm Me Wishlist | Morgan's Milieu: A shot of pink can make anyone's day better right? This Candy Me Tote is gorgeous!

The Candy Me Tote, costing £55, is a little smaller than the Illusion Tote but I love the pink. It's the kind of bag that could 'make' an outfit. Fully lined inside, with a handy pocket for your phone and 4 studs on the bottom, the Candy Me Tote would be perfect for a night out with the Hubby.

Today I'm Me Wishlist | Morgan's Milieu: This shopper bag is stylish, will go with anything, and is huge so can carry anything you might need.

I guess I'm all about the big bags because this Shopper (£45) from the Today I'm Me Graphic range caught my eye. Silver chain handles and the fabulous decoration brings this bag to life, and it's large enough to carry all your essentials. What more could a stylish girl ask for?

If you're into the smaller bag you could also check out the Illusion Clutch, £38, and the Evening Clutch/Luxury Make-Up Bag which costs £25. They're two very stylish, smaller bags.

Today I'm Me Wishlist | Morgan's Milieu: Clutch bags or make-up bags, whichever you choose. Either way you'll be one stylish lady!
Evening Clutch/Luxury Make-Up Bag (left), Illusion Clutch (right).

I love the style of Today I'm Me handbags, they're different and when you can pick up stylish handbags from pretty much anywhere these stand out from the crowd.

My favourite is the Illusion Tote, but if Santa would bring me all the bags on this list I'd be one happy (and stylish) lady!

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