A Sure Fire Way to Recover From One of Those Days

There are days when I want to scream at the top of my voice. Days when the boys have done nothing but bicker. The washing machine decides to pack in, I bash my arm on the door handle while carrying a basket full of clothes into the utility room, and as I'm walking back into the lounge (with another basket of clothes) I stamp (because I'm so "AARRGH!") on a pile of teeny-tiny lego pieces hidden in the carpet.

A sure fire way to recover from one of those days | Morgan's Milieu: Lego, buried in a red carpet = ouch!
The offending articles

The almighty scream echoes through the house and the Hubby just looks at me.

A sure fire way to recover from one of those days | Morgan's Milieu: A lion roaring, much like me after stepping on lego!
The mane is surprisingly accurate!

The rage flows through me like wild-fire.

I drop the basket on the floor, search out the offending lego pieces and throw them in the already full lego box, all while muttering under my breath.

If you're anything like me these days come round far too often and you end up either crying your eyes out into your pillow or screaming at the first person to push you over the edge. 

This kind of day ruins it for everyone.

You're in a bad mood all day.
The kids give you a wide berth, much like they do with their homework.
The Hubby stays quiet in the hope that you might calm down.

Apart from reaching for a large glass of bourbon there's one sure-fire way to recover from one of those days.

Take a moment to look at your children.

No rolling your eyes because they're bickering, again.
No asking them to tidy up their rooms.

Just look at them.

Watch their faces as they enjoy their TV programme.
See the mannerisms they picked up from their father.
Let your love for them fight that wild fire.

As the rage subsides sit with your children and read a book, or watch your favourite movie together. 

A sure fire way to recover from one of those days | Morgan's Milieu: A lion, in a tree. Lion King anyone?
Lion King anyone?

Smile, cuddle, laugh.

Shared laughter really is the best medicine and enjoying time with your family improves everyone's mood.

A sure fire way to recover from one of those days | Morgan's Milieu: Horrid Henry and the Secret Club, a book LP has started reading today.
LP and I just started reading this together today. 

If the embers of that wild fire still burn watch your children sleep, that will wipe out all signs of rage. Imagine them dreaming about the wonderful day they had reading with you and watching that movie. Think about how they wake every morning wondering what mischief they can get into.

And smile.

Because tomorrow it'll all start again!

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