Health and Weight Loss Tips 32

Over the past week I've been more worried about 'looking good' than feeling good. I've worn jeans that are too small or too tight, I've worn make-up, I've spent entire days being uncomfortable because I thought it looked better.

11st 7.3lbs

39,364 steps

I have lost a little weight but I don't feel good. Almost no exercise on most days has left me feeling sluggish and tired. The weather this morning is awful, it's dark and raining, which only makes my mood worse.

Before I went on holiday I felt great, I was losing weight and liked myself. At the moment the opposite is true and that needs to change. From tomorrow I'm going to stop worrying about looking good on the school run and start thinking about exercise.

I need to get back to running, it always left me feeling good even after I was wiped out by it. I truly enjoyed running and I know if I don't get back to it the weight will creep back on. It will take time out of my day, I can't write while I'm running, but it's necessary. 

Tip: Prioritise your health

Right now being happy and healthy is more important than writing blog posts. I can write a blog post anytime, even if it means not watching TV for an extra 30 minutes. Spending 30-40 minutes running in a morning will make me feel far better. 

The burst of endorphins as I push myself to run faster will keep me going, I just need to get started.

Next week I'll have better steps to report, I'm sure of it. 

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  1. I have been planning to start running all year but always make excuses but you are so right that your health is much more important than your physical appearance.

    1. I'd been planning for ages too, I finally put on my trainers on Monday and went for a run. I felt great afterwards and although I'm starting out small I know it's worth it. :) Go on, you can do it. xx

  2. Go for a run! You know I love running, and yesterday due to the bad weather almost did not go, but then a mate on twitter encouraged me and I welt and was s pleased as it stopped raining and strated to be sunny and I am still on the track with my marathon training. I usually turn up at the school gate wearing my running gear, and could care less what other mums/parents think. Goooooo for a run! You can do it! @Fitness4Mamas #FitnessTuesday

    1. Thanks hun, I did go for a run and loved it. I'll be doing it slowly but hope to increase my runs. I do love it when I go. :)