What I Read 26

After going through my notebook this week I found loads of posts that I hadn't shared yet but planned to. Some of these posts are from back in May and June, I think with the holiday looming at the time I'd forgotten about them.

Even though they're a little older I don't think there's a limit to when you can share good posts. With that in mind let's get on with it shall we?

What I Read 26 | Morgan's Milieu: Suzanne, from Chickenruby

Suzanne, over at Chickenruby, wrote a post about Life after Kids back in April that made me think. Although it is lots of years away watching my children leave home is something that occupies my mind occasionally. I wonder how I will cope with it, I wonder what I'll do when I'm not cleaning up after them. BP is 11 which means that he could be close to moving out in 10 years. That scares me a little. With her children in the UK while she lives in Dubai Suzanne talks about what life is like and how she copes.

What I Read 26 | Morgan's Milieu: Katy of V Family Fun

I love taking walks with my family, looking around at the wildlife and countryside is lovely, especially when the weather is nice. We tend to do more walks in the spring and summer but do venture out during Autumn. I loved Katy's post, A V Family Bank Holiday Walk, in which her and her family go out for a walk. She talks about the fun they had just being outdoors. Please head over and take a look. 

What I Read 26 | Morgan's Milieu: Rachael of Honest Speaks

Although this next piece is short its words are powerful and striking. Rachael managed to convey such emotion in this poem that I simply had to share it. I'm still in awe. Be sure to check out Puddles.

Rachael's poem proves you don't need to write hundreds of words to get your point across. I loved it.

I love Katy Acquaye Tonge's writing and in her heartfelt post, When Love is Not Enough, she took me on a tour of her memory. We all feel like we didn't do our best sometimes but know that your children love you, regardless. 

What I Read 26 | Morgan's Milieu: Helen who writes at Actually Mummy

How many times do you correct your children's speech? I find myself doing it constantly, it drives me mad when they don't speak properly and I can't stand to hear 'wunt' instead of 'wouldn't'. BP has started using his phone more and tries to use text language, I hate that too. It drives me mad. In Helen's post Shoulda Woulda Could of she talks about spelling and grammar online and how things seem to be getting worse. Check it out.

What I Read 26 | Morgan's Milieu: Confessions of a Crummy Mummy

When BP and LP were born I tried breastfeeding, unfortunately it didn't work out very well and I had to switch them both to bottles. I managed 1 whole week with BP and two with LP, I wish it'd been different but circumstances just weren't in my favour. I loved Crummy Mummy's post Flashback Friday: Mammaries are made of this. As she stopped breastfeeding she got rather emotional and wrote a beautiful poem, I encourage you to go and read it. 

I still have other posts that I'd missed so I'll share some more after my September Roundup next week. 


  1. thank you for sharing and including me, i'll be off to visit everyone else now

  2. I'm honoured to be included alongside such talented bloggers, thank you! Off to share :)

  3. Thank you for the mention. I get into so much trouble for being a 'grammar nazi' sometimes but it really does bug me that kids are growing up thinking all the mistakes are right!

    1. You're welcome. xx

      Oh I know what you mean! I'm always correcting the boys and they've even started correcting themselves because they know what I'm going to say.