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So many posts have moved me this week, for varying reasons. My list is growing again, which is always nice, and I'm happy to be back sharing these posts with you.

What I Read 25 | Morgan's Milieu: Louisa, who writes at Life As We Know ItIf you're anything like me when you hear the word Cancer you cringe. It's such a scary word isn't it, and covers such a wide range of possibilities. For women it could be breast cancer, for men it could be prostate cancer, either way it's terrifying. I would hope that by now most women out there know how to check their breasts and know what to look for, but how many of you know the symptoms of Ovarian Cancer? 

Ovarian Cancer. Know the Symptoms. Is a post written by Louisa, who's mother has recently been diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer, in the hope that other women notice the symptoms and get checked before it's too late. Please read the post, it'll take five minutes out of your day but could save your life.

What I Read 25 | Morgan's Milieu: Vai Chin of Rambling Through Parenthood

How many times have you been talking to your children and they make a comment that sticks in your mind. That comment burns into your head and you suddenly feel guilt. The guilt eats away at you and you're asking yourself Have I Failed As A Parent? That's what Vai has been asking after chatting to her little one. We all do it, beat ourselves up over our failings, but in reality we are our children's hero and nothing will change that. Take a moment to pop over and offer Vai your support. 

What I Read 25 | Morgan's Milieu: Nikki of Stressy Mummy

Big Prince recently started High School, he's been attending for two weeks. Nikki's post had me laughing this week because I could totally relate to it. 15 Signs That Your Child Has Started Secondary School is hilarious and I was nodding along as I read. There are big changes when this phase begins, we're struggling through ours at the moment. The increased homework, for both me and BP, the class politics, the need for the latest technology. Oh what joy. To get a break, and have a laugh, take a few minutes to read Nikki's post. 

What I Read 25 | Morgan's Milieu: Rebecca of From Roses

Being a blogger is a funny thing, whenever I read blogging advice or tips there's always one that sticks out. Find your niche. But how? I'm a mum, but that's not really my niche. I like technology but not enough to make that the thing I write about all the time. So how do you define what you're about? Rebecca wrote a fantastic post this week that made sense to me, Being Your Own Blogging Niche. She talks about not moulding yourself into other people's definitions and rules, why try to be someone you're not? Don't try to pretend, be you, the authentic, real you. 

What I Read 25 | Morgan's Milieu: Maybe Baby Brothers and Me

I grew up in a home where I knew both my mother and father, but not all children are the same and many grow up not knowing one or the other. Haidee wrote a brave post that touched my heart and I wanted to help her, To The Father Who Doesn't Know I Exist... Haidee wants to get the word out in the UK, she is looking for someone called James Maxwell. Please read her post and if you can help in any way, please do. 

What I Read 25 | Morgan's Milieu: Jenny who writes at Jenny on a Plate.

Before I had the boys I never really thought about motherhood, it just wasn't on my radar. Even after meeting the Hubby I didn't even think about it. I'd never yearned for a baby and when we decided to have children I was lucky enough to be blessed with a baby fairly quickly. But what happens when you're in a relationship and begin to think about having children? What if your partner won't discuss it, or worse still doesn't want children? What do you do? Thoughts on Motherhood is a brave post in which Jenny shares her thoughts and experiences. Please head over there, read and share your thoughts too.

I hope you enjoy reading the posts this week and I'll be back next week with more.

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