What I Read 24

Welcome back to another What I Read. I've been working hard this week trying to get caught up on things, I've still not managed it but I'm getting there. I have been enjoying your posts this week though and here's a few of my favourites.

What I Read 24 | Morgan's Milieu: Leigh Kendall, Headspace Perspective

I haven't suffered the loss of a child and cannot imagine the pain and grief. I am in awe of Leigh's strength and whenever I read her posts she has me in tears. I have to build up to reading the posts because I am so touched by them. #SayTheirName and Eastenders: Helping break the taboo of babyloss is a fantastic post. Leigh shares her thoughts on the recent storyline and talks about her experiences. I wasn't in tears but the post moved me.

What I Read 24 | Morgan's Milieu: Tim, Slouching Towards Thatcham

Tim from Slouching Towards Thatcham had me feeling those pangs of jealousy with his post 8 Great Photos from 8 Days in the Alps. Snapping photos with his iPhone 6 Tim managed to get some amazing photographs and I found myself wanting a trip to the Alps. 

What I Read 24 | Morgan's Milieu: Chantelle Hazeldon, Mama Mummy Mum

The words 'just a mum' are sometimes hurtful to those of us that are stay-at-home mums. For some reason if you stay at home and take care of your children it's almost like you do nothing. People don't recognise how hard that job is. Chantelle's post Just a Mum lists the ways in which she is just a mum and I loved it. It really showed how that statement covers a whole host of jobs.

What I Read 24 | Morgan's Milieu: The Anxious Dragon

As bloggers HTML coding is something we either have to learn or get someone to do for us. Even having a basic knowledge can be useful if you run into unexpected problems. The Anxious Dragon wrote a useful post, Basic HTML for Bloggers, that I found useful. It's a post that you should read and bookmark, because you never know when that extra bit of help will come in handy.

And just because I know how much you love coding here's another useful post. How to Link to any part of a Page or Post pretty much explains itself but I think might prove rather useful. This is the first post in a series from Franca, be sure to check it out.

Life can sometimes feel like it's flying past us too fast. Daily chores take over, planning for future events take up time, and before you know it the kids are back at school and routines are getting back to normal. That's how Debs has been feeling this week in her Life's Little Moments post but has taken the time out to share some fantastic photos and take a moment for herself.


  1. Thank you so much for have me in this post!! I love this idea!! It is very nice of you to share other blogger's posts!! I have read two of the ones you mentioned so I will go an read the other ones. :-) xx


    1. I meant "for having me" and not 'for have me". Sorry about that! xx

    2. Hehe, it's okay Franca - I figured that's what you meant. :) You are very welcome and I hope you enjoy reading the others. xx

  2. What a fab round-up - there's a couple here I haven't read so will have to check them out. Thank you for sharing :-)

  3. Thank you so much for the mention, brilliant picks from other bloggers :)