What I Read 23

I've been back from holiday for over a week now and as it's Sunday I thought I'd bring back What I Read.

What I Read 23 | Morgan's Milieu: What I Read Badge
I had planned on doing lots of reading blog posts on holiday but as it turned out any spare time I had was spent sleeping! 

Since I've been back though I've done lots of reading and am pleased to say I have six great posts for you to check out.

What I Read 23 | Morgan's Milieu: Jayne Crammond
The first post I want to share I actually read while on holiday and took a screenshot so I wouldn't forget about it. Weight is a big issue for some of us, many obsessing over calories or weight gain, but when is it okay to tell a pregnant woman that she is overweight? Some may say never but Jayne disagrees and in The Realities of Being Fat and Pregnant she explains why. All women have the right to feel amazing when pregnant but is there a point when health is a bigger issue? Pop over and tell Jayne what you think.

What I Read 23 | Morgan's Milieu: Zarouhi Grumbar, Mama and More

The start of the summer season is always a stressful time for us women as we strive to get our bodies 'beach ready'. I've always hated that term and never quite managed to have that flat tummy all the models have. I loved this post from Zaz who encourages us all to find three things we love about ourselves. Let's Love Ourselves! On self love and positive body image has a positive message to send out into the world and one that I hope all women can connect with.

What I Read 23 | Morgan's Milieu: Pic of Mum in a Nutshell

Written as a Curriculum Vitae this next post had me laughing and nodding along. Being a mum of two boys (albeit very different boys) I could sympathise with Mum in a Nutshell after reading A CV for a Mum of Boys. A few of the skills listed are going on my CV I can tell you!

What I Read 23 | Morgan's Milieu: Vicki Psarias aka Honest Mum

As always Honest Mum, aka Vicki Psarias, inspired me with her post Why it's your right to be Ambitious (at work and in the home). In the past year my confidence has grown and I know what I want to do. Blogging is a love of mine and has given me lots of opportunities. I am proud of what I've achieved so far and feel that I have what it takes to push my blog to the next level. Many posts from Vicki have inspired me, she is a talented writer, and I love watching her take on new challenges and do a fantastic job. Please head over and read the post, and prepare to be inspired.

What I Read 23 | Morgan's Milieu: Emma Day

This next post grabbed me with its title: Why I'm Going to Prison. When I saw that title on Facebook I wondered why on earth such a lovely lady would be going to prison. All sorts of things went through my mind so of course I had to read the post. Emma, of Crazy with Twins, has been sentenced to 24 hours in Shepton Mallet Prison in Somerset. To find out why head over to her post!

What I Read 23 | Morgan's Milieu:: Maria, writer at Collecting Moments

Finally a post from Maria warmed my heart as she embarks on her first day of being a Stay at Home Mom. She writes about what the start of the school year used to be like for her and how rushed she would feel. Giving up a job you love to look after your children is a tough decision to make but Maria sounds content in her decision. 

I'll be back next week to share more great posts!


  1. What a fabulous round up, honoured to be featured here, off to read the other wonderful posts-thank you Morgan x

    1. You're welcome hun, hope you enjoy reading. xx

  2. Thanks so much for including my CV post, so glad it tickled you. x