Health and Weight Loss Tips 31

My motivation is with me this week and I'm going to start my exercise. I haven't lost much weight at all but I'm thinking if I start being more active it'll start to shift.

11st 8.1lbs

29,089 steps

So again my steps are pitiful, I haven't been very active at all. All I need to do is start the exercise and I know I'll continue with it. That first step is so difficult!

I kicked myself when I stepped onto the scales this morning. A couple of days ago I weight 11st 6.7lbs but because of attending an event and scoffing pies on Saturday I managed to put on almost 2lbs over the weekend. I need to find my willpower where the food is concerned. 

Since last week I've lost 0.7lbs, not great but at least it's something. As I've said before, crisps are my downfall, but this week I've been eating shortbread biscuits too! I love them so much and it's been ages since I had any but from today I'm behaving (I hope your paying attention Hubby!). It is time to stop eating so much food that I know is bad for me. 

Tip: Restrict the sweet stuff

Our fridge is loaded with chocolate and it is tempting to pop downstairs and grab a chocolate bar, eating it while I sit on my bottom and work on the computer. I've decided to restrict it instead, limiting my calorie allowance for the sweet stuff is the only way I'll get it under control.

I've worked out that trying to do it all at once doesn't work, if I concentrate on one thing and get that under control then I can move on to the next thing. My goal for this week it to have less of the sweet stuff and drink more water (I'm having far too much coffee). 

Hopefully next week I'll see some real progress. 


  1. I used to be a total chocoholic, addicted to the stuff, munching a whole bar every night, now I don't fancy it very often at all. I honestly put it down to using the Thinking Slimmer Chocoholic Pod, I gradually fancied chocolate less and less and now barely ever. I still have crisps sometimes and biscuits, and I wont refuse a crepes suzette! But I eat so much less rubbish now it's amazing

    1. That sounds great! I'm doing better, not great but I'm getting there. :)

  2. Drinking water is a great way to help you get through this. It has always worked for me, I always drink before my meal, while eating and afterwards. I love coffee, and have been quite good with allowing myself only one espresso a day, but not always i am so good. It's not easy, but as you say, one thing at a time. good luck and thanks for sharing #FitnessTuesday

    1. Thanks for the tip, I'll give that a go! It's really difficult to fight the cravings but it's got to be done. x