Surprise Yourself - Start Blogging

There are so many brilliant blogs out there it is easy to get bogged down by the self-doubt demon. 

How could I possibly compete with the amazing writers already out there? What can I offer that isn't already being written?



Surprise Yourself - Start Blogging | Morgan's Milieu: Mac on a white desk, glasses sitting on top of a notebook.

You have your own voice, your own opinions and views.

Over the past few months as readers of Morgan's Milieu have grown I've been realising just how much I love blogging. I gave up writing my novel to focus on blogging and things have gone from strength to strength. 

I even considered (briefly) attending this year's BritMums Live, in the end I didn't go but I decided that I'll be going next year. 

Back when I finished working to have BP I never dreamed that being a stay-at-home mum could lead to something like this. I've always loved writing and being able to write my thoughts and feelings down almost every day is brilliant. What makes it even better is that people actually want to read!

I didn't attend university, I don't have a degree in writing or anything like that. I'm just your average mum, wanting to make the most of my time.

I've been inspired by some amazing bloggers, people who I would consider celebrities, and they've encouraged me to keep going. Rather than putting others down in the hope that it would help their careers (as it goes in other industries), these bloggers have helped, answered questions and been very kind. I can't thank them enough. 

Starting to think about this blogging lark as a possibility for a career is immense for me. I never dreamed that it would happen, especially after having two children and not working (in the usual sense) since May 2004. 

This is exactly why I would encourage anyone out there to check it out. I was a bored stay-at-home mum being driven mad by the day-to-day nappy-filled world. I turned to writing a book, and then a blog, and found my calling. The written word.

You don't have to have attended university, or have an epic vocabulary, you're opinions are what people want to hear.

Give yourself an outlet, communicate with people who are just like you, people who understand. 

Sit in front of that computer, or with the laptop on your knee, and type away. It doesn't matter what you're writing about, as long as you care.

You may surprise yourself, and others.

Surprise Yourself - Start Blogging | Morgan's Milieu: A woman staring out at the sea.

And you never know what may come out of it.


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  1. Such a wonderful post for a newbie blogger like me to read. I started not so long ago and I don't feel like I'm getting anywhere - but I'm probably the most impatient person you'll ever meet! I'm due back at work on January and I'm worried that something will have to give and if the blog doesn't seem to be going anywhere, it'll have to be that. But having read your post, perhaps I can slow down and still keep it up because you're right; you never know....

    1. I think you should blog at your own pace. It's all about making it work for you rather than chasing something you can't maintain. As long as you work with something at your own pace there's no reason amazing things can't happen. Stay consistent is what I'd say.

      When you start work in January perhaps try to stick to posting a couple of times a week and see how it goes? If you find it too hard, just adjust to fit your own schedule. As long as it makes you happy, you're getting it right! ;)

      I'm so glad my post has helped you, that's exactly why I wrote it. xx

  2. I completely understand this, I never dreamed how my blog would grow when I first started it, and how big a part of my life it would become. Great, inspiring, post x

    1. Thank you Sara, it's funny isn't it? I thought it would be some little hobby I'd do occasionally and now it's the thing I do all the time. I love it!

  3. I love this! Blogging totally created something new and exciting at a time when I thought things were slowing down.

    1. Exactly! Blogging is something that anyone can do and you can turn it into something great, if you choose to. ;)

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting hun, glad you liked it. xx

  4. Thank you for this very inspiring post! Like Jemma, I'm due back to work soon (November, so even sooner!) and my blog doesn't seem to be going anywhere but I'm learning that it takes time and patience and I guess you have to blog for you and because you love writing/need that outlet rather than chasing stats from day 1.
    X X

    1. Ah thank you Lucy, and I couldn't agree more, stats aren't everything. To be honest, they come with time. This whole blogging malarkey takes time, patience and consistency. As long as you're there blogging, people will come and read. I hope you find a way it can work for you. xx