Much Needed Me Time

On Wednesday I took a morning off and visited the salon, my hair needed some care and attention and it came just at the right time.

Much Needed Me Time | Morgan's Milieu: A salon

Much Needed Me Time | Morgan's Milieu: A salon

With two active boys at home, keeping a family home running, and a blog to write, things can get hectic. Although I love blogging sometimes it can feel like it's not really 'me time' when I'm learning more about code (something I never thought I'd do). The technical stuff can be time consuming and makes my head feel like it's going to explode!

I don't like to take time off, I love writing, but booking my salon appointments in advance is a great way of making sure that I do get that time to myself. 

So on Wednesday morning I got in the car and headed to the salon, equipped only with my phone and a notebook. 

As I sat waiting I snapped a pic (above) of the place and pulled out my notebook. I started scribbling notes and a list of things to get done once I returned home. Then my hairdresser came over and it was 'me time'.

My hairdresser, Jo, is a lovely lady who's been doing my hair for a few years now.  She's the only hairdresser I've met that knows how to tame my very thick, uncontrollable hair. It's thanks to Jo that I have hair that I don't do much with. It's simply a case of wash it, then mousse it. That's it!

Much Needed Me Time | Morgan's Milieu: A pink notebook with the slogan "Work Hard Play Harder" on the cover
I love the cover of my notebook!
Anyway, once she started we got talking about all sorts of things and had a good natter. I loved it. The boys were at school, the Hubby was at home, and it was just me enjoying a cup of tea and a chat.

Once Jo had covered my hair in colour she wandered off to get herself a drink and something occurred to me. 

It's okay to be selfish.

As a mum 'me time' doesn't happen often and those few hours at the salon are wonderful. I just get to think about me and what I want.

It can be difficult to carve out that time but you really must try. Being able to sit and do nothing, or do something but for yourself, feels amazing. It eases stresses, lets you relax, and maybe even fill you with new ideas or plans.

Even if it's only 10 minutes I urge you to take time for yourself, it will do wonders for you.

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