Flying and Missing Blogging

I fly to Orlando tomorrow morning and the nerves are starting.

I HATE flying.

Flying and Missing Blogging | Morgan's Milieu: The view of a plane wing
Just looking at this photo makes my stomach do somersaults!

Each time I go on a plane it seems to get worse, last time I was in tears before I stepped foot on the plane. I don't know why but I can't hack it.

Luckily the Hubby is brilliant at flying and the boys don't mind it either. I would hate to have handed my fear down to the boys. The Hubby can occupy them while I drink lots of alcohol and grip the hand rest until my knuckles are white. I'm like a child, it's pathetic and I know it, but I can't help myself. 

I know that I need to get on a plane to have an awesome holiday, I know it is the safest way to travel. Yet my brain will not allow me to relax on a plane. I never have. I end up having to distract myself, whether that's with writing, reading, drinking, or puzzles. This time will be no different.

I'm really looking forward to the holiday (apart from the flight) but the strange thing this time is I'm actually going to miss blogging!

I'll be away for the summer and sitting in front of the computer writing my thoughts has become such a routine that not doing it will seem wrong. On the other hand I will have lots to write about once I get back and I'll be ready to get stuck in properly.

I may not be writing blog posts while away but I will be sharing photos via Instagram, tweeting occasionally and posting updates on Facebook. If you want to see awesome photos from Orlando (Walt Disney World and Universal) including my favourite places, then be sure to follow me.

Orlando is our favourite holidaying place and will always have a special place in our hearts and I can't wait to share our favourites with you. 

Wish me luck for the flight.


  1. i used to have a fear of flying until I moved abroad and have around 3-4 return long haul flights a year to contend with. For me its the take off and landing, it is the sensation that causes my fear. To conquer it I sit by the window which means i can understand my body position by seeing the ground and i always sit slightly over the wing. I write when i fly, the old fashioned way, with pen and paper. I jot down blog ideas, i write full blog posts, I write letters to family and friends. I make lists of things I want to do when I get to my destination and a to do list for when i get home. I hope you have an amazing holiday and i look forward to seeing your photos

    1. That's exactly what it is for me too - take off and landing. I wasn't sitting by the window and it was really hard to battle my fear. I did write while on the plane though and that helped a little. I cannot tell you how relieved I was when we landed!

      I'm back at home now and not planning flying any time soon. I did have a fabulous holiday, thanks so much. xx

  2. I have never even considered flying because I am so scared....
    Have a wonderful holiday! I am very jealous....hehehe