Cryptology, Nottingham Review

Have you ever tried an Escape Room?

I hadn't until Monday when the Hubby and I attended Cryptology in Nottingham. Based on Long Row in the centre of the city Cryptology has only just opened and is a new and exciting activity to do with friends or colleagues.

Cryptology Nottingham Review | Morgan's Milieu: Small table with puzzles on top.
Puzzles to solve as we arrived.

If you enjoy "solving puzzles, deciphering riddles and using brain over brawn" this place is for you.

The first thing I liked about Cryptology is the fact that it's different. Rather than spending time bowling or going to the cinema you can enter a room and solve puzzles together. I've always fancied myself as a bit of a female Sherlock (I wish!) and the description of the rooms on the Cryptology website had me hooked.

Cryptology Nottingham Review | Morgan's Milieu: An office, a picture of Robin Hood on the wall.
Looks like any other office doesn't it?

You and your team have 60 minutes to escape from a locked room.

You need to solve clues and figure out puzzles to locate keys, piece together information to get codes and find hidden items to complete the task.

Intriguing right?

Walking into the room was kind of surreal and we didn't know what to expect. Once the introduction was over we were left in the room and had to search for and solve puzzles. A screen in the corner of the room showed our time remaining, which counted down. 

Cryptology Nottingham Review | Morgan's Milieu: A clock on the wall with a red board beneath it.
What's the red board for? What's inside the locked box... oooh interesting.

If you're anything like me and enjoy being nosey this is the perfect opportunity to rummage around a room, look through everything and open doors to see what's inside. I loved that part of it, especially when I discovered clues!

Cryptology Nottingham Review | Morgan's Milieu: An office room drawers open, safe opened, books on shelf.
I definitely enjoyed opening doors and unlocking draws!

Using our brains and working together was fun and actually being in the room, using objects and devices to solve clues, was thrilling. 

Figuring out what to do with the puzzle below was a tough one, but we did it!

Cryptology Nottingham Review | Morgan's Milieu: Inside a cabinet in an office.
Flashing lights and smoke - What?!

Cryptology Nottingham Review | Morgan's Milieu: A puzzle
This one was tough.

Cryptology would be great as a team building exercise or just a fun activity to do with friends instead of the typical things.

Not only that but I think it would be a good family activity too.

It's perhaps not great for babies, you know - because they can't talk, but any child from about 7 or 8 years old would enjoy it. I know that both LP (who's 6) and BP (who is almost 11) would enjoy this kind of activity, 1) because it's different; and 2) because they get to nose around and use things in the room. 

LP might get bored, the puzzles are sometimes advanced for little brains, but I think he'd enjoy it just because we were solving clues together.

Cryptology Nottingham Review | Morgan's Milieu: A TV screen with words and numbers.
Yep, we solved it with about 5 minutes to spare!

The Hubby and I have already decided that we'll be back to try out the other activities (we did the Cypherdyne room) and I reckon it'll be on the list for the October half-term. We're always on the look-out for new activities and Cryptology certainly fits the bill.

Cryptology Nottingham Review | Morgan's Milieu: Cryptology certificate

Oh yes, and we got these lovely certificates to say that we solved the room!

If you're a team of two a Cryptology room will cost £20 per person, if more people attend the cost goes down slightly, falling to £15 per person for a team of 5.

There's also Nottingham Group Detectives (not quite ready yet but coming soon) that costs £30 per team and that's a fixed price.

So if you fancy yourself as a good problem solver why not give Cryptology a go.

The Hubby and I attended Cryptology free of charge for the purpose of review. All opinions are my own.

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