Health and Weight Loss Tips 23

What a lovely day to wake up to today! And after the miserable weekend I can say I'm much happier this morning. I hate when it's gloomy and rainy.

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10st 6.5lbs

84, 067 steps

I have to say that I couldn't be happier with my progress, things are going very well. In the past week I've lost 3.3lbs, a fantastic week of progress for me. What's the difference between this and previous weeks you may ask.

Well, let me tell you.

The change between my post two weeks ago and today is an app. MyFitnessPal. It has transformed the way I eat, count calories, and treat myself. It's because of this app that I've been able to make subtle changes to my routines and have a huge impact on my weight loss. My goal of 9st 7lbs is looking more and more possible.

Of course I mustn't discount the fact that the Hubby is making fantastic progress too. He's enthusiastic about exercise (mostly walking) and is enjoying losing weight. Which means we can walk the boys to school in a morning and get our workout done before starting work. Win!

Back in January I suggested that tracking progress was a good idea. At the time I was thinking more about tracking your weight loss progress but now I realise you need to track what you're eating too.

Tip: Track food, drinks, exercise (as well as weight-loss)

Okay so tracking my weight loss helped a little in the beginning but what has made the biggest difference this time is tracking the food I eat. Having the app on my phone and sticking to its targets has made things so much easier. I don't need to guess how many calories are in my food because it already knows. With the help of my Apple Watch I can track my activity and workouts too.

Both the Apple Watch and the app MyFitnessPal have helped me get back to the weight I was almost two years ago. And maybe, just maybe, they'll help me reach my goal.

How has your week been?



  1. Well done you! I tried MyFitnessPal but found it such a chore having to put recipes in every evening and either weigh or guess how much I was eating. It didn't work for me, but it's awesome that it's helping you. I hope to find something that helps me soon!

    1. There's always going to be some things that don't work well, and others that are the magical key to it all. I hope you find something to help you too hun. Good luck with it. xx

  2. My Fitness Pal is really good! Heard so many good stories about it! So glad it is working for you. Hubby and you really sound like you are in the "zone"! Good luck!! xx #bloggingtojogging

    1. Thanks Sarah, we really are! Of course we go on holiday in a few weeks so that may have something to do with it. ;)