Health and Weight Loss Tips 22

What a week!

The Hubby has been very enthusiastic about his weight loss recently and that means more walking and less bad food. All good.

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10st 9.8 lbs

83, 124 steps

Well that's probably my best week in a long time. I've done lots of walking, even taking the boys on a 9 mile walk on Saturday. I feel good and I'm pleased to finally be making progress.

But now comes the danger zone, I've been doing so well that it's easy to slip back. Passing KFC or McDonalds is harder because I think to myself "I'm doing really well, I deserve a treat!" I am determined now though and have been able to resist some of the tastier temptations. 

My ultimate aim at the moment is to reach 9st 6lbs by July 17th, that's when we go on holiday but I won't push myself too much. I'll be happy with getting to 10st, the weight I was the last time we went to Florida. 

This week I've found that my enthusiasm is massively influenced by the sun. If the sun is out I love to be outdoors, walking or swimming. 

Tip: Get out in the sun - while you can!

The sun is shining and before long it will disappear behind angry or dreary clouds. Our summer never seems to last very long so I say get outdoors and enjoy the sun while you can. Incorporate exercise into your day by taking the kids out for a walk, ending at a park so they can have some fun. Head out to a field, taking a picnic and some activities, footballs are always useful. 

My boys loved being outdoors this weekend and I think they're both in a better mood too. Although they were tired (LP asked to go to bed early on Saturday!) they had a great day and we were all smiling.

How has your week been, were you out enjoying the sun too?


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  1. Everybody thinks I'm bonkers but I actually hate Summer and because I get reverse SAD it makes me eat more, rather than wanting to eat clean. I am not prepared - figure wise - for the warmer weather. It's bringing me out in a cold sweat just thinking about it!

    Good Luck for this week!



    1. Oh dear! That doesn't sound good. I LOVE the summer, can't wait for the weather to be better. I hope you don't get too down about it all. xx

  2. I could not agree more! The sun definitely makes you want to be outside more... which in turn sees you being more active! That is an amazing week of steps! I have found mine have risen this week and I am pushing myself that little bit further. Good news on your hubby's loss too! A great week in your household then - send some of your positivity my way! :) You have an incentive to work towards with your holiday and you will get there with your target chick! Thank you for linking up with #WeightLossWednesday and hope to see you again this week! Sim xx

    1. Thanks Sim, I'm having a great week so far. We've started walking the boys to school every day, me and the Hubby, so we're both walking 2.5 miles every day. I'll be sure to send some positivity your way, I'm full of it at the moment!

      I'm really hoping to get to my target for the holiday, I just need to keep being healthy. :)

  3. Well done lovely! The sun does make a massive difference doesn't it? Oooh Florida, that's exciting! Good luck with your goal and thanks for linking with #BloggingToJogging xx

    1. Thanks Hannah. The sun always brightens my mood and I can't help but think of ice-creams, lovely beaches and day trips with the boys! We're very excited about Florida! :) Thanks so much for commenting hun. xxx