A Year of Change

Like the changing seasons life never stays the same for very long does it?

The clouds are always moving...

As the school year comes to a close I find myself thinking about the year ahead for both my boys. BP has 11 days left at his Primary School, and one week on a residential trip. Then that's it for him, he'll be starting High School in September. He's already attending Induction Clubs regularly after school so he can get used to catching the bus and interacting with the other children. Before long he will need a key for the house, and boy does that scare me!

LP has changes coming too, for two years he has been lucky enough to have the same teacher. She is amazing with him and he's thrived. He loves reading, enjoys going to school and is always smiling. I worry that having a new teacher in September will change him but LP is looking forward to Year 2 because he'll be starting swimming lessons with school and he'll be bigger. In fact today he mentioned that he doesn't want me to go on a school trip with them, he wants to tell me all about it on his return. Oh yes, and he wants to learn to tie his shoelaces too. A sure sign that he's liking being independent.

For a long time the Hubby has worked at home, people are surprised when they learn that we spend so much time together. We are both at home every day and don't do much without each other. It works for us, we each have our own work rooms and don't really spend every hour of every day together. It is lovely and we've really enjoyed the routine we're in. However the Hubby's work could be about to change, and our circumstances would change too. We don't know just yet, but we're prepared for it.

As for me, well for years I've sat in my little office typing away in the hope that someone would read my posts. I've never really put my heart and soul into my work, always holding back a little. But that is also about to change. 

I'm planning scheduled posts for while I'm on holiday and ensuring I keep up to date on social media. But that's just one part of the plan. On my return I'll be jumping in with both feet.

This week I paid close attention to BritMums Live, watched the tweets come through as people had a ball. I'm planning on reading lots of blogs about it and can't wait to find out more. A funny thing happened as I read the tweets and saw the pictures though... I was jealous. I wanted to be there. Learning, laughing, meeting people. 

And so I made a decision, next year I WILL be attending BritMums Live. It may be a long way off but I'm very excited.


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  1. Exciting times Morgan, if a little daunting. My two older children are a little ahead of yours- we had the start of secondary school last September along with a move from infant to Junior school. It is hard, there are so many changes for them and you to come to terms with. You do however and soon the changes are every day normality. Until the next challenge 😉. As for your potential changes I wish you luck and hope they are positive. My husband and I used to work together and it was great. We haven't now for ten years but I still miss it sometimes. It's lovely that you can be happy with your togetherness. I am sure from the brief insights I have gained by reading your posts that you will embrace these changes with optimism and I will look forward to hearing about them in subsequent posts. Don't be hard on yourself if you have a wobble though. Take care x

    1. Oh hun, thank you. You're right about the optimism, we always look at challenges that way. It's just how we work I think. Thank you so much for your lovely comment. xx

  2. The Tubblet also starts secondary school this year. It's amazing, where did the time go?! I hope BP enjoys his week away - the Tubblet loved hers - and settles well into his new school.

    Good luck with all the changes you've got planned!

    1. Thanks! I'm sure he'll love his week away, he did last year! Good luck to Tubblet too! :)