What I Read April Roundup

I've read some really fabulous posts over the past few weeks and if you haven't been keeping up (where have you been?) here's the roundup.

What I Read April Roundup | Morgan's Milieu: #WhatIRead Badge

In What I Read 13 there was a great range of posts from help with editing to wearing shorts in springtime. Sophie helped us all with her seven top tips for editing your novel. The post Suddenly I felt Love reminded me of the influx of love I had for my children when they were born. I discovered a wonderful linky for those who love to run and keep healthy - Blogging to Jogging. Kate Portman, a talented writer and a great believer in supporting other women, shared a fantastic post about being nicer to herself. In the post she found her new best friend, herself. Zaz inspired me to try out a new outfit with her post Wearing Shorts in Springtime. Ceri wrote a great post, How Can I make Friends? and talked about being true to you.

What I Read 14 brought some great parenting posts and one brilliant interview. Over at Happy Mom Happy Life Jessica talked about Green Eggs and Ham driving her insane. Nikki wrote a touching post about parenthood and it being the best rollercoaster, I have to say I agree with her. Another heartfelt post came from MamaMim, Other Parents - I'm Sorry I Judged You. I loved this post and think MamaMim has a lot of courage for admitting she was wrong. Jo from Slummy Single Mummy wrote about her reflections on five years of blogging. It's interesting if you ever look back at your early posts and realise how bad your writing was. I did that recently - never again! I found a new blogger too, Kaila from Healthy Helper and her post Why I blog was a great introduction to her blog. Finally @twinmumanddad shared a useful interview with a PR/Digital marketing Manager. It has lots of information and is a must read for any bloggers wanting to work with brands.

In What I Read 15 there was a lovely mix of posts. Kim, aka Northumberland Mam, was made to play minecraft with her husband and children. She soon changed her opinion of the game. Steph shared a useful post about owning twitter, do you have a social media strategy? If not you MUST read this post. Michelle from Bod For Tea asked what Snow White could teach her about Joy after a Mama fail moment. If your children are about to take the Key Stage 2 SATs Nikki's post, 10 things you need to know about Key Stage 2 SATs, might prove useful. Her top tip - don't stress. A touching post that I enjoyed reading came from Julie in her letter to her younger self. In one post I learned so much about Julie and her inner strength. Finally Maddy over at Writing Bubble wrote about Achieving Dreams, a post that was featured in Mummy Tries' BritMums Carnival.

Please head to some of these wonderful posts and discover something inspiring. If you enjoyed reading I'd love to hear what you thought.


  1. Thanks for the lovely mention! Love these sum up posts, wonderful tips to get directed to someone's top reads; even when many of them are blogs you follow there's always posts that get lost somewhere :)
    ...This week's all about Pinterest - in case you're interested ;)

    1. You're welcome.

      You're right Steph, and that's why I love sharing these posts. You never know when you'll find something amazing. :)

      Thanks for the heads up, I'll head over to have a read when I get a minute. xx

  2. Wonderful roundup and thankyou so much for including me! I'll be clicking on a few of these links today to have a read. Such a generous thing to do! Have a wonderful weekend xxx

    1. Thanks Zaz, and you're so welcome. I hope you find something great, enjoy reading. xx