What I Read 18

Are you ready for half-term? I'm not but I guess that doesn't matter because it's upon us already!

What I Read 18 | Morgan's Milieu: #WhatIRead Badge

To start off a busy week why not spend a little time reading some great blog posts. Here's my selection for this week's What I Read.

First up we have Tim with a questionnaire to find out if you're taking blogging too seriously. I found this questionnaire very entertaining and I giggled at some of the questions, which included "Are you considering relaunching your MySpace page, just in case it might drive additional traffic to your blog?" That one made me laugh out loud! 

I scored 6/20 on this = Must Try Harder.

Ruth Morrison over at pantomum.blogspot.co.uk has written a brilliant poem. Mum of boys is totally relatable if you are a mum of boys. I smiled the entire time I read through this poem, and particularly enjoyed the last two lines. 

Do you judge other parents? Do you think you could do a better job? We all do it don't we, judge a situation without really knowing the circumstances. I've done it in the past, especially before I had children. But the thing with judgement is it can come back and bite you. That mother trying to deal with the screaming toddler in the supermarket is not doing a terrible job, she's having a tough day. I always feel for these women and, when I can, offer a friendly, knowing smile. Caroline wrote a post that I really enjoyed reading on this subject and she articulated it so much better than I just have. Am I a bad mother? Or just a different one looks at the different ways of parenting and how none of them are wrong. Please do head over and read. 

As I said a few weeks ago I love reading about blog conferences but the larger ones scare me. Then I read Jo's post about Talk to Mums blog brunch that she attended. The small get together sounded lovely and I think she is one brave lady being one of the speakers there. This is just the kind of conference I could get on board with.

Where will you be a year from today? This is a question asked by Claire over at Joy and Pops in her post A Year from Today. The post was lovely to read and it made me sit and think about my little dreams. This time next year I hope to be sitting in my room, typing away, much like I am now. A few more readers of the blog would be nice, maybe even getting ready to attend my very first BritMums Live. Maybe.

Speaking of BritMums, I read another post about those award thingies. Written by Amy, Self-doubt and dealing with disappointment is about NOT getting nominated for said awards. Amy was very disappointed and I really felt for her. I can imagine the kinds of things that go through your head at that time. But just so you know Amy, I think you're a fabulous writer and you certainly don't need awards to tell you that. Your readers love your blog, awards or not.

Enjoy reading, please share and comment if you have a minute, and have a great week.


  1. Thank you for saying that Morgan. Much appreciated xx

  2. Thank you so much for the mention Morgan! xx

    1. You're welcome Caroline. I really enjoyed reading your post. xx