What I Read 16

This week has been another crazy week. We found out that the Hubby's Mac is on its last legs and decided to test mine. I know I've been saying it for a while and it turns out I was right, mine is on its last legs too! Which means that for the coming weeks I'll have to work on the Macbook Air.

What I Read 16 | Morgan's Milieu: #WhatIRead Badge

I love my Macbook Air but the big screen of the iMac is so much better!

But anyway enough about that, I'll get on with sharing some super posts in this week's What I Read.

Morgan's Milieu | What I Read 16: Ruth aka Pantomum

We'll kick off with a post about working from home. I wrote my own recently describing 5 disadvantages of working from home and it seems I'm not the only one that has been thinking about it. Ruth over at pantomum.blogspot.co.uk wrote about Working from Home too and she had me laughing along as I read. I could totally relate to this post.

Morgan's Milieu | What I Read 16: Photograph of Tim from Slouching Towards ThatchamIf you didn't know (where have you been?) it's blogging awards season and I'm sure when you're popping around your regular blogs you'll see badges and requests for nominations. I have never entered myself into these things but always enjoy seeing who was nominated and occasionally vote for my favourites. Anyway, this year Tim over at Slouching Towards Thatcham entered. He didn't get nominated for an award but in BiBs 2015: From Failure, An Epiphany he talks about his short-lived disappointment. We all know these awards aren't everything and I loved Tim's positivity, he is a fantastic writer and it surprised me to find out he wasn't nominated. Maybe next year eh Tim?

Morgan's Milieu | What I Read 16: Ali, who writes at muminanutshell.com
Do you feel like you're always nagging your children to pick up toys or stop bouncing on the sofa? I know I do. Up until recently I didn't think about what I was saying, I mean really think about it. The words slipped out of my mouth, "Stop doing that!" "Don't run" "Put that down!" 
But then I read Ali's post Are You a Positive Parent? and it struck a chord. I would hate for mine to be the nagging voice in my boys' heads as they grow up.

Morgan's Milieu | What I Read 16: Potty Mouthed Mummy
In this world of blogging it can be easy to get obsessed about stats and awards. Taking any opportunity for reviews, even if it doesn't fit your blog, and writing about things you don't care about can become the norm. The difficulty comes in judging whether or not you're a good blogger. Sian over at pottymouthedmummy.com wrote a brilliant post, How to Be a Good Blogger, in which she gives her advice on the "epic journey". Sian gives some great advice and like her I think staying true to yourself is most important.

If I say the words "Could it be Magic?" which song pops into your head? If you're about the same age as me (34) it will be the Take That version. Robbie Williams strutting around while the others sing behind him. I was a big Robbie fan back then but I love him even more since he left Take That. Anyway, the original song was recorded by Barry Manilow and Izzie entertained me this week with her post entitled Could it Be Magic? I giggled as I read the post and it inspired me to taunt my own children when they are old enough!

Morgan's Milieu | What I Read 16: Kerry Louise of Oh So Amelia Blog

Have you ever wondered how pro-bloggers do it? Well this week I read a brilliant Interview with Pro-Blogger - Kerry Louise. She blogs at Oh So Amelia and the interview was over on Tots100. I found the interview really useful, especially when it came to earning money from blogging. It was lovely to learn how the pros do it and it gave me another blog to add to my (very long) list of great reads.

I hope you enjoy reading and I'd love to hear what you thought. See you next week for another What I Read.


  1. Thank you so much for featuring me on 'What I Read This Week.' Can't wait for my daughter to arrive home again so I can treat her to some more fabulous music. Wishing you a fabulous week Morgan x

    1. You're welcome Izzie, I think your taste in music is great! ;)

      Have an awesome weekend Izzie. xx